Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Surfing Spot: Where Else, My Room Of Course !!!

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Ever since my house owner starts to keep his dog outside of his room, the whole second floor starts to be awefully smelly. I'm not gonna go through this complain again since I've already done it in my previous post here, so I'll talk about some other stuffs now...
As a university-level student now, my favorite surfing spot would always be my own room. Everything that I needed can be found here: my fluffy pillow, my warming bed, my comfortable chair... where else could I go surfing the Internet other than my own room !? XD

But, there's always been a problem to the Internet connection lately:
- Slow
- Slow
- What to expect, its so zetta S-L-O-W !!!

Well, there's been a day where I cant go online to search informations for my science report (which I'm gonna pass it up on the next day !), and when I went out and check the modem, something terrible and horrifying happened. . .

#The telephone line connected to the modem was... cut !#

The curious doggy chewed the telephone line into two ! OMEG~~~

To avoid this problem from happening again, my house owner actually bought us a P1 W1max and not to use any telephone line again.

#Not this Wiggy of course...he might went bankrupt eventhough we're paying him rental every month !#

#Yeah, this is what I'm talking about, the P1 W1max that we got in our house !#

I was shocked to see that we're using P1 W1max instead of the old modem when I got back from lecture class the other day. To be curious, there's no telephone line plugged on the P1 W1max modem ! Curiosity arouses, and hence I quickly tried the Internet connection by opening Facebook. Within seconds, the main page of Facebook shows up ! Wow~ it was really amazing that without a direct telephone line, this black-coloured box can be used to surf the Internet !

There's been a lot of convinence since he bought P1 W1max into the house.
- No need to afraid of the telephone line got "potong" again
- Better connection speed
- Higher download speed
- Best of all, I can now surf Facebook without lagging anymore !

Ever since, I've been hanging out at my favorite surfing spot for MSN chatting, Facebook-ing, gaming and downloading musics a lot ! Wanna have a picture ?

#My writing desk.#

#Sometimes when I got tired of sitting, I'll just shift my laptop on my bed ! Lying there with my teddies while checking on news on Nuffnang is the best thing I ever had !!!#

Ah~ I felt like I'm in heaven everytime I come back to my room. What else can I say, its my favorite surfing spot !

And by the way, Project Alpha season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Jong said...

Hey!!! You should post this out at the Nuffnang innit man!!!

Is seriously better than lot of the other post i've read.

MyFM ads clicked anyway....

Good luck!!!!

kenwooi said...

mine will be at home =D

羽鳥海斗 Hatori Kaito said...

Cool post and incredibly hilarious =) the pics works great.

Well done!

Syaoran2138 said...

@Hatori kaito
Its a fact, and so coincidence I can write about it for Project Alpha too.

One stone two birds. Lol~~

ilyani said...

nice one! all the best for the entry! ^_^
come check mine too


btw clicked ur slurpee here :)

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