Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where's My Missing CNY Post of the Year !?!?

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Its been almost a month since the Chinese New Year passed, and there seems like something missing in my blog. Hell yeah, my CNY post !!! Wonder where did I went during CNY this year ? Check it out now.

#Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Park, Kite's City. Pointer: my dad !#

Well, I'm kinda like working as a part-timer during this year's CNY along with my brother and sister on the merchandise stalls inside Strawberry Park being asked by my aunt. With a happy thought of finally getting myself some experience on jobs, I helped them out during the CNY.

#Spin windmill, spin !#

#Beautiful balloons that I decorated ! Credit to my brother who pumped them up.#

Looks like being a part-timer wasnt that easy as I thought ! All these pictures were taken during the opening of the stall and when there's no customers around. And so, I was teached to use the casher machine by my aunt and some basic stuffs about the products. 10 minutes after the briefing, I'm ready to serve my first customer !

#Cute penguins.#

"Kites, mahjogs, keychains, umbrellas !"

Some curious customers came in and have a look around the stall. When they found their desired item, I scanned the bar code and return the change to the customer. There it goes, a transsaction was done !

#Smiley keychains.#

#Variety of kites.#

#More kites.#

#Couple keychains.#

#Variety of other keychains.#

#While having a drink, I took this picture ! Pointer: my aunt.#

After a whole day hard work, we have steamboat for our dinner at the nearby restaurant.

#Wild mushroom soup for steamboat !#

#I know the picture wasnt clear enough, left top right: my brother, me, my sister and my grandma by the pool side of the restaurant.#

#The view on the pool.#

#While walking back to the apartment, I simply took this.#

After a few days of working as part-timer, its time for me to go back Kampar. My aunt brought me to the bus station nearby and I went down Genting. When I reached KL Central, I went for a lunch before catching the train back Kampar.

#My lunch: Fliet o Fish small set and side order chocolate sundae. Seems like I've got quite a lot of chocolates in it !#

#I bought the sundae because of THIS notice !!!#

Well, that was a month ago, wouldnt know if they're still having this right now.

Not really having much fun during the CNY, but at least I got some experience on some jobs ! Haha~~

Time to sign off.

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