Sunday, April 25, 2010


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I remember having a post title "ユメ" in the very beginning when I started this blog, so I've put "二番" to differectiate them. Hopefully I didnt have any grammar mistakes here, as my Japanese was not even reaching Level 1 !!!

(Eh hem)

Well, I had this dream again; at the very familiar huge and tall shopping mall, where all the escalators are so damn long, the elevators are so damn big and fast when going up. The shopping mall was familiar coz it appeared in my dream for quite a lot of times already, but bear in mind that this shopping mall doesnt even exists in the reality as far as I know...

Everytime I got myself inside this shopping mall, the only thing I can see is the long escalator that looks like the roller coaster track, and the huge gold coloured double-door evelator. The walls of the shopping mall was made of glass, and it was always dark outside...

I know the back door of the mall, some restaurants, shops and even the washrooms. I remember passing by the clothes department and toys department a lot to reach the escalator...

I always end up finding myself taking the evelator to the top most of the mall, the place with lots of people. It gives me the feeling just like the casino, but there's also an arcade gaming place for the kids too.

I've never been liked to go there, but somehow there's always some event that takes me there and stucks me there without letting me take the evelator back down again.

Wonder whats the meaning behind this shopping mall, somehow familiar, but it was not found in the reality... yet, at least not by me. Would my next dream leads me to the same old evelator that shoot up to the top within seconds and show me what it wanted me to know ?

Better quit dreaming and starts to pack up and do some revision !

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