Friday, April 23, 2010

What the HECK !?

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There's been tons of interesting posts waiting for me to finish it off, but THIS, I couldnt hold myself to just sit and wait for it to happen again. I must blog it out before I become a big erupted volcano like the Yellowstone !

I've tolerated with the issue of the chocolate last time (read here for the details) and I started to think that I've been making a wrong conclusion. As my new observations told me, there's been third party who came in and uses the kitchen.

So perhaps, it was really the third party who came in and used whatever the ingredients inside the fridge to cook their meals. And if they found some tit bits, they'll just eat it. You filthy mudblood, you're borrowing your friend's kitchen doesnt means that all the stuffs inside the fridge belongs to your friend too !!!

Ugh... dont know what to write anymore. I guess finding a new room really is a good choice afterall ...

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