Thursday, April 15, 2010

RM2 Sushi King Card BONANZA !!!

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#What the heck is wrong with all of these people !?#

Well, there's actually nohting really wrong with them, we're all just lining up to get a seat inside Sushi King to enjoy our beloved sushi with the cost as low as RM2 !!!

Rushed to line up after we finished our chemistry class (rather boring, mostly mechanisms...) and found ourself standing quite far from the Sushi King front door, quete up for our turn.

#OMG, is that actually true !?#

#Can you see it ? Yeah man !!! SALMON~~~#

#Picture taken from the outside while waiting for our turn.#

So after 10 minutes, we're finally in the restaurant with a nice seat infront of the belt and chef !!! How lucky is that ? And with this opportunity, we helped our friends to pick up their favorite sushi when it arrives. Something quite funny today, they played quite a few of the anime theme songs including Bleach, One Piece and Gundam instead of the usual boring oldies.

#Just what the heck is wrong with you, after finish making it, just pass it on to the hungry man, not stacking it !!!#

#My moral assignment group member Potato with her friends ready to grab their beloved sushi !!!#

#Octopus and prawns ready to be served !!!#

#Camwhoring before continuing on the "sushi-hunting".#

#Where's my sushi ... ?#

Since just by eating a few plates of sushi is not gonna satisfy my stomach, so I ordered a main dish and ate a few plate of the sushi. At least I had some cheap sushi to eat, although I couldnt get a plate of the salmon, which is my favorite. *sob sob*

By the way, I've recorded a video of how the people rush, grab and probably steal their beloved sushi when it was ready ! Still uploading it now, so it'll be available at the end of the post when it was ready.

#Yay, pose for the camera !#

#Define happy: when you got yourself a plate of fried shrimp sushi after a tight competition.#

After we're still not satisfied witht the meal, the waitress came and gave us a bill. Well, I guess our time has finished then ! So we went out and have a little shopping inside Tesco. While choosing cucumber, "My" Chelle found a very interesting shape...

#Hello hello baby you call I cant hear a thing, I have got no service in Tesco you see see...#

Yeah, it shaped just like a telephone. Just that it was a small sized one. And wonder what Sushi King looks like when we're passing by ?

#Still flooded with tons of people, even it was already 8pm !!!#

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