Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spotted: "My" Chelle's Twin Sister in Library

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#A very blur picture of the "twin" picking up a phone call.#

There's something I learnt from the movies and dramas that I've watched:

They're many worlds outside there beyond our imagination, some from the future, some from the past, some even from the present, but leading a totally different lifes as we are now. And in each and every single of these worlds, there's an identital being that looks like us living their own life out there. Their life may not be the same with us, they're not exactly ourselves... but somehow, we're the same.

#A clearer picture of the "twin".#

The above picture shows the twin of "My" Chelle; and below shows her real self without the glasses.

#Oh, Teddy was here too !#

How I spotted the twin ? I was in the library busy thinking of a way to solve the mystery problem that has been circuling inside my head since I got the urge to finish it up. And then Sensei asked me to look over to the side...

"Isnt that Chelle ? Why is she sitting over there ?"

"Ya hor... she said she's making a phone call, I thought I just saw her outside the window just now..."

"Go ask her come over la..."

*Going to move the chair aside.*

"Eh, I thought she wears blue shirt today ?"

"Eh !? Ya hor !"

*The twin picks up her phone call.*

"OMG, she even got Chelle's old phone colour, white !"

*Snap pictures...*

When "My" Chelle was back, we showed her the twin, and she wasnt sure if its real she looks alike with her twin.

"Side view got la...", she commented.

There's been a guy looks like Rannie-chan spotted by Sensei; a girl who almost got the face of Freezie-chan, Scotty who is the real-life person of the main character in the animated film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs; and a lecturer that looks alike with Sensei from the eyes and facial expression... I wonder when I'll found one.

Tomorrow gonna present the moral assignment to the lecturer... hopefully everything works smoothly and he didnt bomb us with loads of questions which we dont know how to answer it !

#My moral assignment group member. Left to right: Kalai, Potato, "My" Chelle, me and Kosalai.#

Oh yea, its April Fool's day today, its also the birthdays of Syaoran, Sakura and Watanuki Kimihiro of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP !!! So happy birthday to you trio, may CLAMP will release more manga and anime about your journey soon !!!


Jong said... super look-alike okay~~~~

We should get chell to pose the same pose as she did and snap a photo for comparison purpose.

ミ . シャール said...

Haha.. My TWIN.... Should have talked to her... =p

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