Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Update

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Welcome to another post of random updates, where you'll find everything random randomized up in this random post ! lol~ Cut the crap, since this week is much more relaxed than expected, so its good to blog about it.

After all the lab tests, mid term tests, science reports, presentations and assignments... its finally coming to a more peaceful week now, even though there's 2 more lab test next week, probably on the same day too ! Whether you realize it or not, when the study week comes, which means the finals are coming nearer too ! OMG~

Yesterday was such a mess. Forgot to bring my own water bottle, forgot to bring my beloved Sony and most importantly, the lab manual to study on for the test that day !!! But then the questions are quite OK with me, as I've done some revision with "My" Chelle in the library till it rains. And talk about raining, it creates a series of wave on the surface of the lake of UTAR !!! Its beautiful and yet a little scary. Gotta post the video on the next post.

And and, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a new opening and ending theme now !!! So damn excited with it !!! Once the romanji/kanji lyrics are available, I'll post the song up here too. So stay with me !

Well, wake up in the morning by "My" Chelle's morning call today (she's been my morning caller since dont know when... a huge thanks to her ^^) and went off to buy myself breakfast. Guess what ? I saw SL on the way ! He looks moody or what-so-ever, have a little chat and waved goodbye.

So... I think I better start to pack up and blog about stuffs later in the night. Prof. Sh (Shhhhh) ... OK then, Dr. HAN is waiting for me in the laboratory now... never be late for his class or you'll be the center of attention in the whole class.


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