Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 Down, 1 More to Go !!!

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Guess whats that ? ITS STATISTICS !!!

Seems easy, thought of the whole subject is gonna just bear with all the mean, median, mode, cumulative frequency and draw some histrogram or ogive and some table... but its not !

Nightmare approches when it comes to the chapters of Probability, introducing back all those Possidon, Normal Distribution, z-score, p-score and sorta stuffs. Worse thing coming to us are the Chi-square, test hypothesis, ANOVA table, regression and corelations and all sort of crazy stuffs too !!!

So dear statistics: you'll found yourself dead in the middle of the night by the roadside, killed by me. Just wait and see, after I've studied and revised all of them...

At the meantime, I guess I'll go to bed first. Ciao~

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