Monday, May 3, 2010

Movie Review: Dear John

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Just finished watching this movie and I think I should come and write a review on it to share it. Well, the poster says it, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are the main character of this movie, who protrays John Tyree and Savannah Curtis.

John is a US Special Force army who're having his holiday in his hometown and he picked up the bag that Savannah dropped into the edge of the ocean from the pier. As appreciating his effort, she invited him over to her house for the party. Ever since that night, they become very close and 2 weeks later, they're separating coz John is going back for duty and Savannah's school starts soon. They're separating 1 year apart and they scare something might happen in that period.

#Got caught in the rain inside a roofless house, a hot kissing scene !#

So to strengthen their relationship, John promised that he will write often to her to let her know about the happenings around him; in return, Savannah will do the same too.

A year passed by and thinking of he could reunite with Savannah again, the incident 911 happened. War and terrorist and sorta things brings John back into the battlefield after the short meeting with Savannah.

What would be the ending of this tragedy ? How will they cope with each other to maintain their relationship ? Will Savannah got tired and give up on John ? All of these answers could be found in the movie of course.

First thing: I found a nice song in this movie, written and performed by Amanda Seyfried - Little House. She sings this song while playing guitar to John in the movie. It was touching and beautiful. Here's the song:

Second thing: When the story go into John's father, I got touched and almost shed a tear. The scene is warming and you should go look for it yourself while watching it.

Third thing: Of course, the ratings ! 7 out of 10. This is a romance movie so dont hope for many humour or funny stuffs here.

And in the end, just for your information: Dear John is the movie adaption of the novel with the same name writen by Nicholas Sparks in 2006.

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Kelvin said...

Sigh...dun expect a good ending if this happen in real life...

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