Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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*Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. . . . . .(tapping on the calculator)*

You've got 15 minutes left.

And thats the end of the world since you got not enough time to finish up your calculations for the statistics paper.

The weird thing about this paper is: the question doesnt seems to be hard, but why am I not knowing how to solve the god damned questions !? And, having the lecturer of this subject as your invigilator seems to be funny. I've been wondering whether she's afraid of our final results while looking at us answering the questions, since we're all doesnt understand what the heck is she talking in the lecture hall...

Doesnt matter about it anyway, after the exam I did a very kiasu act that I never done before in the previous semesters. And by the way, I went to the library to accompany Sensei and "My" Chelle as they're returning books, and Sensei found something that caught my eyes: Dear John written by Nicholas Sparks. Brand new and never been borrowed by anyone before !

#Dear Dear John, your virgin is mine ! Hahaha~~~#

So excited with this new found book, never thought of having it in our library before. I guess I'll save my trip to look for it elsewhere in the bookstores now ! And I think it'll help me to spend some free time while I'm in the holiday too, thanks Sensei again for finding the book.

Since today is the last day of our finals, I agreed to join Rannie and gang to L4D2. While I waited and waited for their call (since I forgot to ask whats the time) and I over slept. Zzzz... but at least I got a whole night long to sleep now, and I'll be refreshed for the Ipoh trip tomorrow with Freezie-chan, Hermin, Tweety-chan, Scotty and Rannie.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, reminds me of the saying," Hey, i CAN answer, I just need to know one."

jfook said...

Happy Holiday!

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