Saturday, May 1, 2010

You Call That an ICE KACANG !?

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It was yesterday that I shifted most of my belongings to the new room down the street. Million thanks to Sensei, "My" Chelle, Ah Hua, Bond and the suddenly showed up yLeong, who helped me to shift my stuffs. Without them, I gotta carry all the boxes and bags and notes all by myself !

The new room's environment was quite OK, just that those housemates there are quite scary. Talked to them twice, got shocked and scared twice.

Anyhow, as an appreciation, I decided to buy them a drink, and we end up in a mamak stall somewhere near KTAR (you'll know where izzit if you're paying careful attention on the words...).

We sat inside and waved for a menu, and Sensei starts to order her favorite ice kacang.

"Ice kacang satu."

"Tak da."

All of us went "..."

"Kita mau makan ice kacang...kalau tak da tak pa la..."

Just as we wanted to get up, the waiter went into the kitchen and returned.
"Ice kacang ada."

Pointing at the menu. "Ini semua ada ?"


"Ice kacang biasa satu."
"Peach longan ice kacang satu."
"Soursoup longan ice kacang satu."

Then the nightmare came.

We thought that they're lazy to make the ice kacang for us at first, and by the judge of the beh song look after taking our order, we concluded that the ice kacang that we order might be strange. 

The truth:

#My so known "peach longan ice kacang".#
Name and logo of the restaurant is taken at the back ! P/S: the restaurant was numbered "2".

For sure, that wasnt the ice kacang that I had before !!! The ice was not soft, it was a rock hard half melted ice with longan and peach sea coconut !!! It took me almost forever to finish the whole thing. The only taste I got from it is the sweetness of the sea coconut, when it was finished, the whole thing went tasteless.

While having this "ice kacang", I started to poke the rock hard ice with the spoon. What I found is that this ice is actually a huge ice cube !!!

OMG... we paid the bill and leave for good. I dont think I'll ever step into this mamak again for any food. Its just better to go to the other stalls than this mamak.


kenwooi said...

ice batu kacang? =P

hui min said...

lol! i think its maha maju 2 isit? haha

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