Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Update

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Well, thats the link to the web page that I (and my group members as well !) created for our web page assignment.

With lots of hard work and last minute work, we managed to finish it and pass up in time (yet).

The site might be very boring and not attractive enough. Feel free to comment the web page to me, so that I know whats my weakness. Hehe...thanks~~

WOW, shortest post ever ! XD

---Added post for today !---

Ah ! Now I'm in PE 015, the computer lab in another side of PA block. Walked almost half an hour (actually its 20 minutes) to reach there and found that Mr Joe, Mr Lau and Ms Wong were already there with a few students.

How nice, I just got their blog's URL ! Hohoho~~

Just in case I'll be loosing it, I'll need to write it down here for precautional steps.

This project sounds fun, our blog gonna be posted in UTAR's main page (izzit true ?)! O.O

Anyway...hope that its really ! >W<

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