Monday, April 6, 2009

Is It Coming to an End Already !? [Offline Blog for 5/4]

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Seems like it. Since we're finished with our mid term tests and assignments, and we're going to finish our presentations and the coming final exams. Didnt really took any pictures with my fellow TE 4rians this semester when thinking back, this semester is just too short and rush.

Thinking back that day where I went to PE block with Sensei, its kinda fun to participate in the activity organized by the lectures, known as "The _Project" or something. Whatever project it is, the main purpose is wanna post our blog to the main page of UTAR, thats the thing I know so far.

Since I'm a semester 3 student (gonna be a Degree student very soon !), I'm not sure whether I still can participate in this project or not, though Mr Lau said its alright...

Ah...becoming a Degree student very soon ? Time seems to be going too fast, I still remember the day I first came in to UTAR, knowing my class only consist of around 13-16 people...becoming the smallest class among all the TEs...

Anyway, the end is near, but another beginning will come. The story will never end, as at the very end of the story, there's a new beginning that waiting for you to discover.

Oh, strangely, with the walkthrough that I got few days ago, I finished Resident Evil Deadly Silence as Jill in Rebirth + Easy Mode ! Woo hoo~ Too bad that I didn’t finish the game less than 3 hours, if I did I’ll be having infinity Rocket Launcher, an ultimate weapon that deals explosive damage to whoever that stands in front of me, I mean Jill !

A very short post huh ? Haha...

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Jong Ching Yee said...

=_= I hate you!!!!

You "Game Over" in victory while i'm "Game Overing" again and again being eaten by the zombies~~~

=_= so i hate you!!!

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