Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Someone Very _ [Offline Blog for 7/4]

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#Thats Jest and Sensei with Mr Paul after the Biology practical...#

Am I going back myself later on ?


Luckily I got my weapon !

If there's anything remember to shout out my name !

Why must your's ? Cant I shout out Jest's name ? I'll give you a SMS when I reach home...

She's already scared till half death ...

Its not the first time I walk back myself already, but I think I'm getting more and more scared to walk home alone in the middle of the night after playing Resident Evil Deadly Silence, dunno its a curse or what ... Anyway, my weapon, a cutter, just a small paper cutter, not longer than 12cm...my only survival tools if I encounter zombies I mean robbers. >.<

I'm not about myself, its about Jest. Thats the nickname I gave her here, though she's been known as Jest in real life, for short. I asked her permission to blog about her, and she dont mind about it...so here it goes !

The weapon that I've been taking with me, is actually taught by her. "Its so dangerous to walk back alone, and your house is so far from our house," she said whenever I'm going to walk back home late night after visiting her house (her house also the house of Tweety and Freezie, since they're housemates !). Then, she will pass me her cutter from the pencil case. "Beware of the motorcycle ! Run whenever needed !"

Whenever I was eating "Mata Kerbau" (its actually the normal fried egg), I'll think of her reaction towards the egg if its too oily. "So oily !" she'll said if its very oily. Then she will took out a piece of tissue paper and started to wipe out (or absorb out) the oil, then show it to us how oily is the egg.

I've been calling her "爽爽" since her name ends with "Shuang"... then whenever she felt very 爽 (it means very high, happy, excited) then she would become very funny and childish. There's a time where I went to her room to do Web Page assignment (I need to find wonderful pictures for the background), she's been looking for pictures too. When she saw a nice picture, she would say "wow". For the next few nice pictures that she found, she would say "oh wow", "wow" and "oh wow" in a higher pitch. I just cant imitate her "oh wow" and she would tease me.

Saying about teasing me, she's very good in teasing me. When I say something to her, I must be prepared that my words will backfired and got teased from her. Sometimes when I got teased by her, I'll become speechless and dont know what to do, and she'll give me the face of "yeah, I've won !" to me.

When she's studying and doing revision and we're all making noises, she would make a very frustrated face and ask us to keep our voices down so that she could concentrate on what she's been doing. But when we're too quiet then she'll turn over and said that "keep your voices down doesnt mean that you cannot talk !"

#Jest and Sensei (again) ... in semester 1.#

The most memorable stuffs that she ever told me so far was ...

"Can you all please keep your voices down, the one will be getting trouble is not you, it will be me. You're not staying in this house so it feels OK but not me, I still need to face my housemates. It just a cockroach, whats the point of making all the noises ? Especially you, are you a boy or what ... jumping up and down when you see the cockroach..."

She slammed the door after that. I admit that I scare of cockroach, coz of some childhood memories, where they did something bad to me, twice in my life...

Actually...the main purpose of me is to acknowledge her hardwork in creating my Web Page group's company logo. It looks nice and our web page looks more colourful with it. Thanks for your hardwork and we really appreciate it.

#The logo that Jest made for us...how colourful !#

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