Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Update + Please Save My Sony ! [Offline Blog for 22/4]

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Study weeks is here, but I'm still not thinking of doing revision. Gaming like usual, I actually beat the game titled Final Fantasy Fables Chocoboo Tales ! and been sleeping the whole day.

How's Kampar ? Its good, well...kinda good. I guess this time, all the stuffs that I've been thinking all these time can be done in Kampar ! Here's the list :

=>before I sleep in the night, download Heroes, Supernatural, Tsubasa, xxxHOLiC and my favourite TV shows !
=>wake up in the morning to make my own bento as lunch at U
=>make some sandwich as snacks !
=>bake a cake or biscuits if I'm free !
=>cycle to school (should be known as university…by the way, I still dunno how to ride a bike !)
=>if I cant find a front place in the lecture hall, sit near the speaker, record the lecture !
=>before home, dinner with friends somewhere
=>reach home, watch the TV shows I downloaded ! XD
=>do tutorials (which I'm still wondering whether I'll be doing it when the time comes)
=>Mapling ! My Maple friends and my gonna be third job I/L Mage, here I come !
=>walk outside for a clear night view of the stars ! (I've been thinking to do this since secondary school, but there's light pollution ... )

Anyway ... I spoiled my Soy MP3 ?...more precisely, my Sony MP3 spoiled. Its not like the whole thing spoiled and unable to function, actually its just the display screen malfunctioned. At first I thought its coz of low battery, but after I charged it, my Sony MP3 still behave the same !

I started to wonder whether the audio output has been malfunctioned I turn it on and tried to listen to the songs inside. With my memory, I pressed this and that to access to the songs, and luckily, the audio output is still functioning. So, the problem for me will be :

1. How am I suppose to record my coming lecture !?

Without seeing the screen, I cant sure that whether I'm recording or not. When ever I pressed the pause button, I cant sure whether it paused or still recording ! I dont wanna find myself being frustrated after knowing that I've been recording nothing in the 2 hour lecture.

2. How am I suppose to look for a specific song !?

I cant just keep on listening to the songs that are being shuffled ! What If I wanna find a specific song that I just uploaded into my Sony MP3 !? Keep on pressing the next button is useless !!!

3. Most important problem will be ... How am I suppose to know that it needs to be charged !?

The battery meter ... I cant even know how much battery left for my Sony MP3, how am I suppose to charge it ? Charge it every 2 days ? 3 days ? After 5 hours of usage ? 10 hours !? I guess I need my experience to guide me through this ...

SX...please reply me soon, I wanna know whether I can change it for a new one ... TT^TT

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