Friday, April 24, 2009

Resident Evil, Again and Again ! [Offline Blog for 16/4]

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I know I'm hooked to Resident Evil recently which, makes me a little more alert in the night when I'm going to buy water and supper ... but I cant control myself not to hook on it, coz the storyline is just ... too nice !

Eh hem...

Well, have you ever seen a person playing a game just to know the story of the game ? Thats me ! I've been playing RPGs since I'm able to play PS1, and thats the only game that I've been playing all these years, emitting those fighting and puzzle games. The first RPG game that I played - Final Fantasy VII for PS1, casted a curse deep inside of me, the curse that makes me playing games just for their stories !

After FF VII, I've been looking for the other titles in the series that interested me. Found FF IX later on and finished it till disc 2 (out of 4 disc). Later on, I come across the game titled Resident Evil, a horror third person shooting game. The first Resident Evil title that I actually played before but never completed was Resident Evil 2 – NEMESIS, with main character Jill Valentine.

Whats with the story that hooks me up ?

Its all started in July 1998, where Racoon City's citizen were attacked by a group of dogs, which actually eats the human flesh; later on, people were eaten alive by a group of several people. Racoon City was a dead zone where no one can enter and leaves.

Thats the time where the S.T.A.R.S cop Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker were lost contact in a middle of a mission in Raccon City. They end up in a mansion where the Umbrella Corporation was doing the research about the biological weapon - T-Virus. In the end of the day, they found out that it was Wesker's idea to lead the research about T-Virus and the accident inside the mansion released the virus out to public.

Umbrella Corporation, the leading medicine producer of Racoon City at the outside, and the one who're conducting research on the viruses without public known. The whole Umbrella Corporation was then collapsed and defeated in the later on series. But, the data about the viruses were taken and a new company continue on the research.

Lots of stuffs been happening coz whenever a company developing the vaccines or viruses taken down, another will arise to continue on the research and come out with a more incredible viruses.

For Resident Evil 3 – Extinction, the movie adapted a lot of fighting weapons inside. From the usual handgun to shotgun, then flamethrower and lastly, knife ! For the infectees, there's been the normal zombies, zombie dogs and crows. There's a added zombie with little intelligent that attacks more fierce and aggressive !

In the CGI movie Resident Evil - Degeneration, main character from Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy partner up with Claire Redfield (Chris Redfield's sister) to take down the company that claim that they created a vaccines for T-Virus - WilPharma. The founder of WilPharma secretly kept a dose of G-Virus inside the company that leads to disaster in the end of the story.

Ah...I better control myself or I'll non-stop crapping about the stuffs that you may think its boring ! Anyway, seeing Leon Kennedy in action makes me wanna play Resident Evil 4, as he was the main character.

Rating about the storyline ? 9.3 out of 10 !

How I calculated that 0.3 out ? Instinct told me to put so…hehe

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