Friday, April 24, 2009

In the Light and Dark [Offline Blog for 23/4]

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How nice ! I found the new book written by J.K. Rowling in MPH today ! At first I went to MPH just to look around the books and comics, I didnt really think of finding the book here ! Well, I'm looking at the comics, there's X/1999, Tsubasa, Naruto and other titles. Suddenly, I found a book (which very obvious, is not a comic) lying there, and so I picked it up...then I got a shock of my life.

I've been hoping to read this book since I found out that Rowling will write 5 wizarding tales (including the one that had been mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and compose it in a book. The first edition of the book was separated in 5 volumes; each volume composed with one of the tales and was handwritten and illustrated by Rowling herself. All the books were then auctioned and the money collected were donated to what sort Children stuffs.

The one I found in MPH is the printed version (of course !). It looks small, I didnt really thought that it could be that small. Thought it could be very thin, but it was around 100+ pages. Once I took it, I quickly find a place to sit down and enjoy the book. After each tale, there's Albus Dumbledore’s notes, comments and some other stuffs that relates to the tale.

Aww~~~I wish that I could slip it into my bag and walk out with it ! Just tear off the price tag and take the book with me. Remember to leave the price tag in MPH though, or I'll be caught ! What am I thinking there !? You didnt see anything, since it was didnt, didnt you !?


Reach home and started to play games as ever. When I was fed up on games (for today), I started to scare myself that I'll fail if I'm not doing revision. So, finally started to do revision and notes around 12.15am (which means its already 24th of April already) with snacks in hand. Anyway, am I snacking or doing notes now ?

When I'm concentrating on doing the notes, suddenly the light went "poof" and I'm engulfed by darkness. Well, not exactly darkness, as my notebook was beside me, playing my favourite songs. I was a little panic, as its the first time it occurred to me, me alone...then I found myself a touch light. With joy, I switched it on and found myself surrounded with light. Thank goodness, it still functioning.

Tried to continue on doing notes, but found out that the light emitted was not strong enough, so fed up in doing revision straight away. Walked outside my room, found out that the whole house was engulfed by darkness, I seems to be the only one who're shinning with light. Went downstairs to check the neighbouring houses, and found out that all the houses were the same.

Went back to my room and suddenly felt hot. Found myself a cardboard and started to fan myself. SMS-ed Freezie to check whether her house was the same, but I got no reply from her. Should have known it already ...

Thinking back just now when I'm walking down and up stairs, Resident Evil's scene pops into my head. Its dark...and I'm the one with the light...shinning through the hallway, then the stairs...what if there's a zombie somewhere near the corner ? Found myself in front of my room's door, looking at the other doors, could it be a zombie behind them ? Without hesitation, I opened the door and closed it behind me and started to blog about it.

10 minutes after I blog, the light turned on and I got a shock of my life. Another 10 minutes passed and I finished blogging. Time ? Its 1.30am now...Need to go McD tomorrow to post everything and most important one, read Tsubasa, Bleach and xxxHOLiC manga chapters !

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Threezy said...

I know exactly what you mean about looking behind the closet after playing Resident Evil... well for me, it wasn't actually Resident Evil that made me look over my shoulder when I'm walking down the hallway at night. It was F.E.A.R. and now F.E.A.R. 2 has me scared all over again!

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