Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teddy was Born !!!

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If you're wondering where did this teddy come from, no more guessing, you'll never found one of this anywhere as its hand-made !

Yup, hand-made, by myself !

#Teddy sitting on my last year's birthday present.#

While walking around after me, Freezie and Lyn Fay having our lunch at Jusco, Ipoh last Sunday, we bump ourself into a gift shop and we spotted a hand-made teddy accesories and materials in a box. I decided to buy one and try my luck in making one myself.

Surprised me, the materials inside the box are enough to make 4 teddies !!!

#Comparing the size of teddy and Mr. Bean's Teddy (last 2 year's Christmas present).#

After got back from Jusco, I started my work on making myself a teddy.

#Teddy standing with the help of Mr. Bean's Teddy.#

After some time of cutting the fabric, sewing, stuffing the cotton, sewing, making knots after sewing, cutting the fabric again and stuffs ... the first of the 4 teddies was born !

#A close up with teddy.#

So, making yourself a teddy wasnt that hard after all. What you need is just the materials, time and of course, patient and determination !

#Doesnt it looked cute ?#

I guess its time for me to sleep so that the same incident happened today morning on Prof. Shit's class will not be happening again for tomorrow.

What should I name the teddy ?

P/S: Its a female teddy.

To _____ ,

May Mr. Bean's Teddy will be protecting you from now on. May you be happy and be cute forever.

Happy 0 years old ! >w<

Me (Of course !)


Supia Chao said...

cute teddy. got tutorial for you teddy making?? make 1 for me also ya!!

Cortana Lain said...

Aww, such a cute teddy! Good pics of her as well. Also liked where you have your new teddy sitting on the other one you received for your B-day.

I have a lot of different animals, but mostly teddy bears. My daughters have even got me for my birthday three teddy bear back packs, one orange, one black and one purple.

Gyee Jong said...

A horrendous piece of art by Spiky. You can sew my mouth but you cant sew my hand. Buahahahahaha!!!!

羽鳥海斗 Hatori Kaito said...

random stranger.

u did dis yourself?dat's pretty cool!

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