Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Relief !

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The first thing I did today morning was turning on my laptop. While plugging all the wires and cables and the battery back to it, I recalled what happens yesterday night:

I was cycling back home after Moral class in the rain (which I was glad that I attend it) and found the window of my room was opened. Rain water splashed into my desk and, my laptop was on the desk !!!

Without hesitating, I wiped it dry and unpluged every wires and cables and the battery too. Then I borrowed a hair drier from my housemate to dry out the whole laptop.

Didnt dare to start it up, and went to bed early and pray that it'll survive the crisis.

I guess its pretty obvious that my precious laptop was able to start up after all (if not how am I gonna go online and blog about it ?). Thank goodness that you're safe my laptop, I cant aford to lose you just because of water ! Looks like I'll just have to close the window whenever I'm out then.

By the way, here's a small update for the week:

- SL's guinea pig give birth to a cute piggy !
- I joined the Chinese Orchestra Music Club and decided to play 笛子 (pronounciation: dee tze), or so it can be called as a "flute" if I'm not mistaken.
- Made myself a teddy as noted in the previous post.
- Been scold by Prof. Shit indirectly in the lab although I'm just late for 2 minutes ! (But I'm glad that I'll never be getting reports for his lab.)
- Rushing Chemistry reports...
- Still wondering who took my green coloured Calvin Klien t-shirt. I'm very positive that I didnt took it back hometown ! Ugh~~~

Until next time, see you soon.

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