Sunday, January 24, 2010

Disney's The Princess and the Frog Review

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As a typical Disney animation lover, I've been looking forward to this animation ever since the first trailer been put on Youtube.

#Tiana and Prince Naveen.#

As you all may be know already, the story revolves around the Prince and the not-really-a-princess-at-first Tiana. While persuing her dream to open a restaurant, she met a frog who claim itself himself as the Prince Naveen that been turned into a frog by a witch doctor.

As we know the fairy tale of the Frog Prince, "a kiss from the princess breaks the spell and the frog turns into a gorgeous prince" and bla bla bla, happy ever after... BUT, after receiving a kiss from Tiana, the spell was not broken, Tiana herself was transformed into a frog as well !

Later on, they found themselves on a journey to search for a cure from Mama Odie that lives in the swam. With the help from their animal friend Louis the alligator and Raymond the firefly, they developed a friendship and found Mama Odie. She told Naveen that he must kiss a princess before midnight to be a human again, but the clock is ticking . . .

Well, shouldnt be spoiling much of the audience who havent watch the animation just yet !

The thing to note in the movie was King Triton from The Little Mermaid, please spot it with your eyes and you'll find that its interesting to have cross reference in the animation. I once read before that there's also the magic lamp from Alladin, but I couldnt find any inside perhaps due to it appears in the animation just for a few seconds...

Another thing is that, congratulations to Disney as Tiana was the first African-American princess ! *Yay~~* Besides that, also take a note on Tiana's childhood friend Charlotte. Even though she's far more richer than Tiana and has everything in the world from her father, but she's not jealous with Tiana but instead, very generous indeed. Never seen such a good character being developed: rich but generous, helpful and not selfish.

Next, the graphics ! Even though its not as good as Avatar for having it 3D nor a CGI animation like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children or Cloudy and a chance with Meatballs, a normal + original 2D animation from Disney was enough to bring back the childhood memories from me with Disney.

Finally, the songs in the animation. Almost every character sings in the animation, its pretty fun enjoying the songs and it suits the storyline perfectly.

So, I rate this animation The Princess and the Frog from Disney a 9.5 out of 10. The animation was quite short, and I was looking froward for a little longer plot before I watch it. But its OK, it satisfied me with a beautiful and almost touching ending.


kenwooi said...

havent watched it yet!
hopefully i can watch it soon =)

Gyee Jong said...

I want that firefly, Raymond for my birthday present!!!! Make 1 for me. Hohohohoho

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