Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Boring Holiday Week [Offline Blog for 8/1]

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Holiday had begun and the only thing I'm doing so far are: stay at home, alone and bored. If you wanted to count in the day I helped my father's stall at Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Park, those days were better than the boring days that I had earlier. But there's one thing that I hate while working as a "helper" of my father's stall: weather.

I hate cold. Cold is my great weakness.

Even though I downloaded some episodes of Heroes Season 4 and Dollhouse Season 1 with unaired last episode...but it seems that I'm still keeping it inside my computer and havent touched it.

I've been thinking of having outings with my secondary schoolmates, but it didnt turn out to be right. They're now all having different stages of life: some having holiday after Form 6, some busy in working, some still studying and some, still thinking of something stupid...

Their outing plan had always been a failure in the end. But luckily Freezie planned a outing before I finished my final exam. Tomorrow is the outing day and I'm quite happy about it.

I’m going to Gohtong Jaya again this weekend to help my father and aunt. In addition, I think I need to prepare more thick clothes for the trip. And I'll bring my camera along and catch some nice pictures around the Strawberry Park. The environment is cold and beautiful, and the place is still expanding. I'll upload the pictures when I'm back to the place where Internet is available to me.

Talking about my hostel, seems like my Junior is going to Kampar for his Degree orientation tomorrow morning. I wish that he may have a wonderful journey and be familiar with the new environment.

For the first week of my boredom, I would like to thank a few people:

Firstly thank you Scotty for taking care of my plant and updating me with stuffs; thank you Freezie for the outing plan, which I personally think its going to be very successful; thank you Rannie for that call to clear out my boredom while I'm working time; and lastly "My" Chelle, for being my only medium to release my boredom.

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