Friday, January 22, 2010

Thats Enough !

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First week of the semester already begun with an unusual start by having the house owner's dog outside of his room MY room...

Then, the dog break free from its fence-like cage and donimates the whole second floor for the first night with dog shits and dog fur stuffs all over my door mat.

After securing the fence, I'll never open my door again for more than 30 seconds or else the smell of the shits and pees and the dog food something will rushed into my room as if my room's shitty-smell-percentage pressure was low...

And for the 5th day of putting the dog outside of his room MY room, this happened.

#Spotted the dog in its fence-like cage, a modem and 2 red circles... hey, that was the telephone lines connected to the modem !#

The connection was then cut and the dog was scold by my house owner later on. Eventually the broken phone line was replaced and the connection was back to normal...

..but still, I think that something should be done to this mammal as it makes the whole second floor smells like shit !

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit ~ ~ ~ ~

Thats the only thing I ever get if I breath while I'm going out of my room.


Gyee Jong said...

I'll pay a visit to your house and scream at the top of my lung.

"what's the FXXX....!!! It smell like dead corpses here!!!!'

Bet that's gonna help.

Syaoran2138 said...

I'll call you up when the dog is back and most importantly, the house owner is available...

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