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A Day at KLCC [Offline Blog for 10/1]

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As mentioned earlier about the outing plan by Freezie-chan, it was successfully carried out yesterday. Ex TE-4 members who participated: Me, Freezie-chan, Hermin, Rannie and "My" Chelle (with her sister and her friend Charmaine).

We agreed to meet at KLCC's Roti Boy on 10.30am and I'm already late while I was walking to the bus station around 10am. Reached Pasar Seni moments later and I thought of giving "My" Chelle a call, but there's no signal on my phone. While I move my eyes away from my phone, I saw her in front of me with her giving-you-a-surprise-"hey" look. I flinched back a little and then we caught a LRT going to KLCC together.

Meet Freezie and Hermin waiting at the bakery around 10.45am+, and I thought I heard someone said "hey, its quite fast huh, we're not very late".

Went to TGV later for the detective movie Sherlock Holmes after "My" Chelle's sister and her friend went to Education Fair. I'm not sure with other people, but I think that the whole movie was very Detective-Conan-like, and I like it.

For Detective Conan fans, you may know that Shinichi Kudo got his name "Conan" from the author of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes also the favourite novel character for Shinichi. So for all Detective Conan fans, Sherlock Holmes is a must watch movie.

After the movie, we went to Sakae Sushi (too bad I didnt took the picture of the restaurant front door) for a Japanese cuisine lunch. This restaurant was very technology advanced, as we're ordering our food through the touch-screen monitor on the side of the table. Hermin and Freezie helped us to order the food and ... Itadakimasu !

#Touch-screen monitor !#

#Freezie testing with the "advanced toy"...#

#Hermin demostrating how to use it.#

#Dont know how to use it ? There's a short tutorial on the menu.#

#Hot water and cups with green tea bags.#

#Hermin's Chicken Kamameshi.#

#My beloved Salmon Sushi.#

#"A cup of green tea please..."#

#Rannie being caught on the camera !#

#Hermin and Freezie's California Roll.#

#A very nice effect there Rannie, haha~#

#She claim that she does not know what is "bachilization", but she's doing it !#

#"My" Chelle's Kimuchi Ramen...#

#...with Fried Shrimp...#

#...and side order Crab/Shrimp Sushi. (I forgot what izzit...)#

#Freezie-chan's Tempura Ramen with California Roll.#

#My Chicken Shiogayaki with ginger sause.#

#Hermin's "seducing bite" of the California Roll.#

#Freezie's "satisfied bite" of the same California Roll.#

#Rannie's ultimate Yokubari Gozen, including a rice, miso soup, chicken chop, curry sause, chicken satay and sea-shell-kind of seafood.#

#Eh...perhaps Freezie-chan interupted Rannie's meal on the wrong time by wanting to try some miso soup...#

What else can we do in such a beautiful restaurant ? Photo shooting time !

#Self-shooting on the mirror...# some teeeeth ~~#

#Promoting Sakae Sushi's green tea !#

#Promoting the same thing...again !#

#Left to right: "My" Chelle, Rannie, me and Hermin.#

#Freezie-chan was too excited while taking this photo till its blurred ! It showed that they're really enjoying the time where Hermin putting the pot over her head...#

#She was excited and tried to do the same trick herself !#

#Whats with that look Rannie ?#

#Camwhoring ...#

#... but then I found that having somebody to take it was better. ^^#

#Rannie acting as the ghost in "The Ring" that creap out from the TV ?#

 With hard attempt, we're awake from our photo shooing-mode as we noticed that we're being watched by others. We leave the restaurant and went to Kinokuniya for a walk.

Some searching for Twilight, some aimlessly looking around, while I looking for Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. I did found a whole collection of Sherlock Holmes' story, but it'll cost me hundreds. So I think I should look for some other books of Sherlock Holmes.

#Harry Potter audiobook full set...#

#A pretty number for such a stuff...if you ask me, we just waved goodbye with the number "2009" not long ago.#

At the end of the walk, each of us bought ourselves a book:

Me = The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes, contents 8 cases
Freezie = Twilight, the first book of the series
Rannie = Franklinstine, the bring-back-death-to-alive classical horror
"My" Chelle = the long-waited-to-be-bought Inkdeath paperback cover version

Oh ya, Hermin was thinking of buying herself some R.L. Stine, but she couldnt find a nice one. But I did found a nice one for Scotty...hehehehehehe~~~

#Looks bloody scary...I mean the look of the girl.#

#Scotty, this book really suits you share the same name with the main character ! Haha~#

Around 6pm, we went back to the LRT station and headed back to our own home separately. The outing was fun and I'm very glad to get myself a book to kill some boredom for my last week of the holiday although it cost me some money...

Deleted Scene

"What is Monorail ? What is LRT !? What is KTM !?!?" asked "My" Chelle's sister while we're out of the LRT.

"Monorail is not LRT, KTM is the one that your sister always took to go Kampar." I said.

"What does KTM stands for ?"

"Not sure, but I think there must be a 'Malaysia' at the back, haha~"

"How to differentiate KTM and LRT ? I still dont know how..."

"LRT is red, blue and white in colour; KTM is blue, yellow and white in colour...I think..." I answered after some thinking.

When we pass by a signboard showing the railway of the LRT, she said "oh, now I know what am I taking just now...its LRT !"

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