Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Report: A Missing Chocolate Bar !

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Title: Missing Chocolate Bar

Objective: To find out the cause of the missing chocolate bar.

The missing chocolate bar known as "Choc" was bought weeks ago by myself and kept inside the fridge for storage. Chocolate has always been my favorite as it gives me a boost of energy for some rushy morning and a healthy snack for depression and stress relieve purpose. But last week when I'm happily hopping to the fridge to have a bite, the whole bar was gone.

More than half bar of the chocolate was dissapeared and the remnants of the packaging could not be found anywhere inside the fridge, kitchen and even the rubbish bag. The mystery behind the missing chocolate bar was then been investigated.

Apparatus and Materials:
A new chocolate bar
Sticky memo pad

1. A new bar of the same brand of chocolate was bought.
2. A note was written on the sticky memo pad and stick it on the chocolate bar like this:

3. The chocolate bar was then placed inside the fridge for storage.
4. Any observable changes on the chocolate bar and the fridge was recorded down as time goes on.


Doesnt matter what the note was about if you cant read it, the main thing is I never expected to recieve a note myself after a night time.

The missing chocolate bar's location will never be known. And it doesnt matter anymore, as the note I received stated that he himself doesnt eat chocolate. Hence, another hypothesis might be useful since the note stated that "your friend" who ate it.

Since my fellow friends will not dare to take any stuffs from the fridge as I told them not to, so its almost impossible that they'll took the whole chocolate bar away without my notice. Besides, they're not some chocolate lovers since they think that chocolates are fattening.

So another hypothesis can be formed: the cleaning maids.

I witnessed one of them peeling my apple as if it was theirs after their cleaning work in the kitchen. Its obvious that the apple was mine because I bought big apples that time, and an apple was missing in the fridge. So it might be the maid who took the rest of the chocolate bar away without my realize.

So precautional steps should be taken to overcome this problem. We should not mix up our own stuffs with other people's stuff. Even if we can differenciate our stuffs from theirs, they might not be able to do so. Its better be safe than sorry.

Who cares about a small piece of chocolate, I do. We should respect people's belongings and do not take them without their permission. In the case of food, it is harder to apply the same concept as "who cares where the food went, as long as I eat them and when you're looking, disgustion already taking place right now, so no big deal even you found out it was me that eat your stuffs" exists. So we should be careful of our own stuffs to avoid the same incident from happening again.


IyouweBlog.com said...

i drink someone's mineral water b4 hahaha cuz i really can't find any water on that time at that place! it is quite urgent, nearly fainted cuz of dehydration! so i drink others water.....

nanged u. Get bored with Maggi? Here is the alternative!

Jong said...

macro mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Wooi said...

buy another new chocolate =D


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