Monday, April 19, 2010

What Does a Science Student Do in the University Laboratory !?

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#Please keep your phones and MP3s away while conducting the experiment. Wait... those are mine !!!#

Well... there's actually plenty of stuffs a student can do inside the laboratory other than just following the rules and carry out the experiments as writen in the lab manual. Wonder what it would be ?

#Snowball fight !!!#

There's a ice maker in our Chemistry lab, and while we're conducting the freezing point thingy experiment, we taken out some of the ice and made ourself a snowball.

#Watch out SL, the snowball is melting !!!#

#Consequences of playing the snowball: freezing hands !!!#

As Dr Chee has said, nowadays student are so advanced until we're recording everything in our handphone or digital camera, which is quite to be true. We record the lecture, take picture of the specimen and ... the faces of our friends and lecturers while they're not even realizing it !!!

#Wonder what the lecturer is writing down there. Mmmm....#

#Never pay attention to the briefing for the experiment ? Why showing such a blur and shocking face here ? Lol~#

#Oh yeah, do conduct the experiment correctly Hui Min, or else we're gonna repeat the experiment again !!!#

#Measuring the temperature of the solution...hoping it to drop to -10'C so that it'll freeze.#

#The ice bath that we used to cool down the temperature of the solution inside the boiling tube...#

#Praying for a degree of temperature drop ? More like dancing "Sorry Sorry".#

Other than the Chemistry lab, the camera has a bigger role in the Biology lab ! We take down the pictures of the specimen and microscopic slides so that we can study them for the lab test !

#I thought we're taking down microscopic slides, but this one really looks like salmon. And with this reason, we went to Sushi King at the end of the class for dinner. Details on this Sushi King outting can be found here.#

#While I'm trying to flatten the tapeworm above, it snapped into 2 ! "Ini panggil GANAS la !" said the lecturer...#

#This is not a piece of shit rock, but a piece of Sponge.#

#A life specimen of a typical fern.#

#Everyone was surrounding the lecturer's table... it looks like as if there's an alien lying there being dissected and studied by all of them.#

Looking at the slides and preserved specimen can be quite boring, so we're now becoming a "predator" preying on our "prey" in this foraging experiment.

#I thought it was a foraging experiment...but why are we now building sand castle in the Biology lab ?#

#Or perhaps not... they look like they're making some real delicious cookies on the tray !#

#Gotta prey all the green and red beans you can find buried under the sand in 10 seconds !!!#

While someother people are having so much fun doing the experiment, they're some other people who're just so damn bored with it and tried to create their own experiments to do in the laboratory.

#Spotted, "My" Chelle stalking and studying other people's behaviour.#

#Gossip gossip... Sensei is creating lots of null hyphotesis ready to be rejected by the truth !#

There's one exception for this ambitious guy... he created his own experiment outside the lab.

#Will wearing the lab coat backward helps to prevent sun burn and dehydration while cycling back home from the university ? Who knows, it might just work...#

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hui min said...

waliau, u rily gud in taking candid pics ler~ the snail radula is in d lab test~ XXD

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