Thursday, July 29, 2010

SOUVENIRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Souvenirs !!! Who doesnt like souvenirs !? Everyone LOVES souvenirs of course !!! Some of the ex-TE 4rians went to travel before the hectic weeks coming ahead. And thats the right time you ask for souvenirs from them just before they kick start on their journey ! Hahaha~~~

SL went to Cameron Highlands with a bunch of his friends and bought back tons of strawberries and cherry tomatoes !!! Whats more is that he's becoming a part-time Santa Claus by giving away lollipops to his coursemates ! How nice is he...

#This is no ordinary strawberries and cherry tomatoes. Its so sweet and juicy !!! *Yum yum*#

While for Sensei-sama, she went to Taiwan with her sister and friends, and of course, she bought back a shirt as souvenirs for all of us !!! I was so happy to get a shirt from her. Should we all dress on the shirt she bought us for her to snap a picture someday ?

#The semi-formal shirt Sensei bought.#

#Sensei said it might look good if I put on the vest that I bought that day. I tried to match it and wulala, it does look good !!!#

#And so I'm thinking: why not put on a tie too !? I tried a silvery-white tie ...#

#...and a shiny-black tie on it. Seems like both of the ties looks just nice on it for me. Love this shirt to the max !!!#

Oh yea, not forgetting our Ring Ring who just came back from Russia for her holiday ! I heard the others said she bought all the ex-TE 4rians souvenirs too, but she cant come to Kampar alone. We'll definately meet you someday later on before you go back for your studies. So until then, please wait for us !!!

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