Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3D Television !!!

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The 3D tech is here, but the main problem is: how can we view it without the need of the crappy glasses ? Looking for answers ? Watch the video below.

The first thing you notice from this video is that: amazing, its real...

The next thing you realize is: but its just a projected image !!!

And the last thing you might noticed from the video is: yeah, its from Samsung.

Samsung has released a 3D LED TV which supports 3D graphics and enables you to view 3D movies. I'm not sure whether this TVs are out in the market now or not but sure the tech is impressive.

Well, Sony is gonna come out with something similar too, which needs the special glasses to view the 3D effect on the TV. Watch the ads below:

I'm not sure whether you'll be able to view the video in 3D with those glasses since I dont have one.

If you're paying attention nowadays, it seems like everything got to be in 3D in order to catch people's attention. Movies, games...and even the notices in my university are handmade into 3D shape which pops out from the notice board to gain attention. With all the 3D techs we're having now, are we gonna be able to feel and navigate through the 3D world in the future ? Perhaps gaming in the 3D world too and not just watching the 3D screen...

Lastly, if I'm given a prize and to choose between these two awesome TVs, I wonder which will I pick... mmm...

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ken said...

wow.. but the need to wear 3D glasses is not comfy lah.. since i got glasses edy.. lol =P

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