Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Kiss !

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Still remember the movie and book: Dear John, that I've been talking about in my blog a few months back ? Click here to view back my previous movie review for Dear John.

And guess what, the movie itself just got rated in Yahoo's "Best and Worst Movies of the Year... So Far" !!! Click here to view the page and find out yourself whats the other movie that has been listed there.

Dear John is what should I say, awarded with the title "Best Kiss", which I'm totally agreed with ! There it goes the picture:

#Congratulations to Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried for the scene that makes the book more alived than ever !#

Not enough ? Perhaps a video from YouTube would be nice.

And if you're wondering whats the song that plays at the end of the clip, here it goes:

Well, looking back at the scene, it wasnt even last longer than 30 seconds !!! But with the help of the shelter and the unexpected rain, the scene just magically become romantic after some little chat between the actors.

So feel free and get a copy of the movie yourself and watch it. Its gonna be sad while watching it, dont say that I'm not warning you...

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