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First Time Experience: Resident Evil 5 for Windows

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#Resident Evil 5 box art.#

Sometime in July 1998, a terrible incident happened to the once-to-be-peaceful Racoon City. T-virus outbreaks from the experiment centre in the mansion and ultimately, the whole city was destructed to prevent it from spreading.

11 years later, even though Umbrella Corp. was down, they're still some companies interested in the research of the viruses so they could make it into a bio-organic weapon. Chris Redfield, now a Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) agent, was sent to Africa to investigate a terrorist Bio-Organic Weapon (BOW). He meets Sheva Alomar as his partner and they set on a journey to search for the truth behind the chaos and, Jill Valentine.

#Chris Redfield with his handgun. Nice hair ! And oh yeah, dont mess with him, he got big muscles.#

#Sheva Alomar with her shortgun.#

For those who played the old Resident Evil game before, you'll be a little surprised that starts from Resident Evil 4, the game starts to have a "3rd person shooter" like feeling now. You control your character from over-your-shoulder perspective. And for the first time ever, you're having a partner along with you throughout the game. If one of you dies, the game ends.

The gameplay goes off by chapters, and each chapters has several sub-chapters. In each sub-chapters, players need to reach the checkpoints to complete the mission.

Zombies ? Not those slow-moving, standing-there-day-dreaming types anymore. Once they spotted you, they will ruch towards you with the meele weapons they carries along ! There's even some that could use crossbows and drive to attack you.

#Get outt my way you freaking zombies !!!#

And since you're having a partner now, you can do all sorts of commands with her. Assist jumping, a storage and sometimes helps you to find a way out of the crowd of zombies. In addition to that, commands had been increased a lot, from kicking down a ladder to raising it up, kicking a door, struggle from a zombie ambush, jump over, punch, kick, stomp, elbow, neck twist and help your partner from danger.

#Assist jump.#

For the inventory slot, since you're having a partner, you inventory has been increased and hence can carry more items with you. But one thing is, you gotta take items, heal, reload, change weapons, combine and exchange items with your partner WHILE you're battling the zombies. Its a little tough, but its fun.

#2 inventory slots for you ! Nice huh ?#

Remember all the crappy cutscenes in the old times ? All the cutscenes are now very cinematic, as if you're protraying the main character of the movie with a very cool voice from the voice actor.

Whats more, you can now upgrade your weapons with the coins that you found or dropped from the dead zombies you killed. Run out of armor ? Zombies drop them too. And you could always use a knife, just that the damage isnt as much as the bullets.

Resident Evil 5 was initially released for the PS3 and XBOX 360, but the PC version was released not long after that. The game also can be played online to finish up chapters of the game. Below is an online gaming from chapter 1-1 on the XBOX 360.

The game was fun, eventhough using the keyboard. Its hard to get control of the character at first, but once you get used to it, you'll be shooting more zombies that you expected. A little like L4D2, just that you dont walk that fast while you're shooting zombies. Choose between L4D2 and RE ? I vote RE for its storyline, L4D2 for the mobility. Ratings: 9 out of 10.

Resident Evil 5 is licensed under Capcom.

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