Friday, June 24, 2011


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Finally, I got my Final Year Project's (FYP) title already. The title was actually my last choice out of the 6 titles I chosen... anyway, I'm still glad that I'm able to work on the title that I choose, although I'm not very excellent on Chemistry-based subjects. The title that I got is about antioxidant properties of edible fruits/herbs/gingers. Antioxidant... interesting huh ???

Been to library yesterday after class to search for some information, text books and thesis written by the seniors on the title. I flipped through those thick thesis related to my title and got a shock of my life: most of their supervisor were Dr. Lim Yang Mooi !!! I remembered her talking about cancer prevention during a sharing session in the 4th GBHEF (check back here for some details on whats happening during the event) with Yen Yee as the emcee for that session. 

#Flowers blooming outside of the library.#

#Sun shining through the transparent ceiling of the library.#

Most of the thesis that I read through seems to be quite difficult to understand, especially the method used to conduct the experiment and collecting data/results. After throwing away those thesis, I looked for relevant text books/reference books for similar information.

The first thing I noticed was... damn, where the heck are the books that I needed !? Every book that I looked through doesnt seems to be useful enough for me. But in the end I managed to found a frequently-borrowed book with notes scribbled down and corners of the pages folded... which is quite useful in the sense of getting a rough idea where to start my project.

#Didnt took the sunset yesterday, but I swear the sunset was much more beautiful than this one.#

I walked myself to Block C Cafeteria for the usual CO practice. And I realized that how much I miss the bright sunset over the mountains and above the lake. The wind was cold but soft, and it ease my mind from the stress. Finally reached the cafeteria and we all gathered outside for practices. Without surprise, we're informed that the concert was delayed. We ensembles + practices a song and called it a day. Great... it'll be a boring day then. 

And I think that I should create a new label named "FYP", for future use of course. =)

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