Monday, November 8, 2010

4th Global Bio-Herbs Economic Forum

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For those who dont know what is "Global Bio-Herbs Economic Forum" is about... I'm here to tell you now: thats the event my company been busy preparing about for the past few weeks. It was held last Saturday and Sunday at Palace of the Golden Horses (PGH) and all of us were assigned to be the working crew for this big event.

#Inside the Grand Ballroom.#

#Their seats and not mine and lots of placards.#

#Lily Zi, she's taking down the minutes for the whole event.#

Everything seems to be so easy for those audience: go into the ballroom, sit back, relax and listen to the talks/forums on stage... but behind the scenes, everyone is preparing and doing their best to ensure the whole event is under control, on schedule and on time.

As the Time Keeper for the event, my task is simple: make sure the speakers on stage knows how many minutes they left for their speech. This is to ensure the whole programme flow can start and end according to the schedule.

Looks simple, tough actually...

Well... I guess all the other people's task are tough too, so I didnt complain any unless you count some girls took over my seat on Sunday and I have to stand for half of the day... Anyhow, I'm very glad that the speakers do noticed me waving the "time" card infront of them. Some of the speakers even make interaction with me by noddinglooked at me for a sec or two, smiled and even announce out the time they left for their speech.

By the end of Saturday, I took some pictures with the other interns from UCSI infront of the lobby. Since some of them and Yen Yee were left, so only 5 of us were taking the pictures.

#Acting cool.#

#Acting cute.#

#The girlz, left to right: Zi Qi, Soke Yan and Cammie.#

#The boyz, left to right: Charles and me.#

#Just before we left the PGH...looks like its gonna rain soon.#

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