Friday, September 26, 2008

Life After Finals

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#"Lets get going !"
Featuring Rannie y Char Siew Pao hugging.
(Not forgetting Hermin's hair, SL, Tweety and Scott !)#
#The "No Smoking" sign above should be replaced with "No Hugging"...#

Thats what I thought after going out of the exam room. Cut the crap when you're out of the room... Ah, for sure, coz its very sad and its there's nothing much to talk about. After series of events, we're on the bus going to Times Square. Its a total of 10 or 11 person if I'm not mistaken, too much people going for this trip.

"Char Siew Pao going out with us for today's trip..."

"HUH !?"

"Ai ya...pity him lar...his class nobody wanna go out...that day's birthday only our class celebrate with him ark..."

So other than we TE 4, Char Siew Pao was with us after Freezie-chan told me so at the morning, as well as SL's housemate, him Shen should be OK, coz the name "orang minyak" was too rude and I dunno why SL calling him so. Our original plan was going for bowling, but then when we're going for our lunch, Freezie chan decided to watch movies ! Since my wallet cant afford both at the same time, I refused to watch movies. The other reason was...the summer blockbuster movies ended long time ago and there's nothing interesting in the cinema recently. And actually I was thinking of buying myself a black-coloured shirt, since they lot want me to do so and claimed that I'm nicer in black.

And so, we meet Sl's GF at...whats the name of the restaurant ?...never mind then. We had our lunch separated and I end up with Freezie and Hermin (which refused me to use Peppermint as her name in my blog). We went to several places together and both of the girls found their shop and bought some of the items inside it. Its a nice handphone pouch (is that what it calls ?) and they looked so happy with it. Then we meet with the others and "My" Chelle wants to drag me and Freezie into the boutique and buy us a shirt. Thats her plan since she knew that Freezie and I shares the same birthday.

#Guess who ? Freezie-chan might found her favorite ! (While I'm looking for mine on the other side...)#

When I was looking around the shop I sense somethings not right, so I started to search for them. What I found was they lot actually left the shop and I'm the one left behind. What to do ? Rush to them ! It happened twice if I'm not mistaken...Although I did found my desired shirt, they're leaving ! What am I suppose to do ? Follow them where ever they goes...

When we're going back, I can see that "My" Chelle was disappointed coz her plan did not succeed at the end and Freezie actually saying "Lets go home, I'm tired" to her.

"I know you're waiting for this time for so long, I know about your plan for us, and I'll be waiting for it, be patient," I told her when we're crossing the road. She just smiled at me, a bitter smile.

And what happened that night ? YCW at his room Bleach-ing, those episodes were funny, and I stopped by his room watched a few minutes before drop by SL's house for Dota. We left early coz SL going to clean up the house since he's flying to NY the next morning.

Thats the first day after the finals...the rest of the stories will be posted once there's interesting incidents to share with...(Other reason : this post is way too long already !)


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