Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "Pyramid" Trip

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[ Please note that this post happens after the post "Life After Finals," thank you. ]

For sure, that picture was not taken by me myself, and I'm not inside of the crowded people too.

But whats true are, I'm there skating with my fellow FRIENDS who said wanna go out so suddenly till I didnt have the time to think about it. Since its been half years time I didnt met them, I decided "yes" straight away. And we met each other around 11.30am+, we went to Sunway with Bao HT's car. She drove nicely with some shocking incidents along the way, which scares me a little.

Anyway, arrived Sunway with no harm and we're wondering here and there for about half an hour plus and finally decided to had our lunch at McD. Siao ! Fillet O Fish WITHOUT cheese ? Haiz...fine...just eat it.

And so, we're at the ticketing booth for ice skating. After realizing that my wallet was actually quite empty after going out with fellow TE 4s, SX helped me to pay for the bill. She's been helping me to pay bills since secondary school and I was glad that I'm with her when my wallet becomes really thin. Where're we next ? Heading to the ice for sure !

The first step on the surface of the ice scares me a lot, couldnt believe that its that slippery ! With the aid of the edge of the field, I managed to "walk" for 2 rounds. SX was pretty good on it, seems like she's been skated before. After that, I tried to stay away from the edge and went inner towards the center. Results was remarkable, I'm able to "walk" without help ! Its a good sign and I'm doing so for the next few rounds.

Unfortunately (there's always be an unfortunate event), I fell down for the first time ! "I wanna fell down too ! It means that I've been skated before !" shout out loud Bao HT when I told her. And soon, Au YH fell down right in front of me with her friend ! Her new-college-friend helped to get her up but then her friend fell down for the second time ! Au YH got a cut on her elbow and with the aid of her friend, she's going back and rest at the entrance.

After a few more rounds of "walking", I found myself on the floor again. And sooner after that, I heard a high pitch sound and I recognized it as Bao HT. She's on the floor and she actually looks happy with it. SX, which accompanying her looks embarrassing and get her up.

3 hours of skating = 3 hours of fun

We end up buying some of the crispy rolls and going back home with Bao HT's driving skill. How's the day ? Fun Fun and FUN !

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