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Go Fishy Go ! [Offline Blog for 18/9/2008]

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Actually that day morning we're having Chemistry I exam. It was too bad until all of our mood became so down. When I walked out of the examination room, my legs lost their balance and I felt so dizzy...40 marks gone, and I havent included my careless mistakes yet ! Will my goal to get at least 30-40 marks so that I can pass my Chemistry I with 2.0000 CGPA can be achieved ?

"That half-life question I know how to do, but I forget the formula !" shouting Freezie once we meet her.

"I never done Chemistry questions till so happy before !" said SL with confidence, which makes me scare coz I didnt do my exam well...

We're planning to go back and then straight away sleep till dinner time, and so Bond fetch us back without waiting Rannie, "My" Chelle and Tweety. "Lets go lunch first before we go back home," suggested Jes. Hate her for saying so, coz my stomach suddenly felt so hungry, but I agreed with her, I hadnt ate anything since last night's dinner, and my breakfast is just a bread.

We sat at the restaurant and few minutes later started "hitadakimasu."
"Where're you lot ... Ah ? Lunch ark ? ...Coming !" said "My" Chelle in the phone.

And few minutes later, Freezie, Jes, "My" Chelle, Tweety, SL, Scott and me were sitting together, started eating. My appetite suddenly grows and finished the dish, I felt more energetic now.

"Chemistry so 'Kanasai' leh...haiz~"

"Scott, your apartment got swimming pool right ? When we'll be going there ?"

"This Saturday night after we come back from our trip ?"

"Later at 5pm."

"Good idea !"

And thats how we planned for swimming ! Although we confirmed that 5pm meet at SL's house, but then we're arriving Scott's apartment at 5.45pm, according to either "My" Chelle or Freezie, I forgot. Reason ? SL forgot to inform Rannie about it. Haha~ What we do when we saw the pool ? JUMP IN ! All of them are good swimmers but then me, Tweety and Scott are not. So Jes, Freezie and SL becomes the trainer, somehow we're like rejecting SL's teaching coz he want us to dive (izzit so ?). At least Jes teaching us how to kick the water and floating...not very good at first, but we all improved a lot.

#"Hime, I'm here to kiss you, to save you from your deep sleep !"#

So, its the swimming lesson now ! Starts to learn how to swim to the other edge of the pool. Jes taught me lots of techniques but her last one really helps, put one of your leg touching the edge of the pool with your hands closed and in front of you, take a deep breath and kick the pool ! Next thing you know is you're swimming and the legs must keep kicking the water or it'll be a beautiful disaster - drink water ! Well, POOL water that is...

#Ah ! A light bulb above my head, use Jes' Last Technique !#

#And did works ! Victory sign !#

After drank lots of water using my mouth and nose, finally I can get the idea of swimming and I did it too ! When I kicked the edge, I felt like I'm not swimming, coz I cant felt I'm moving forward. And it seems like I'm swimming forever to reach the other edge, but somehow I made it. Then I started with a higher level, swim in the middle to the edge. I saw what they all do, and I mimic their movement.

"Jump and swim to the edge !" I told myself. And I did it too ! Just that I was lack of air and inhaled some...water ? I coughed a lot when I reached the edge. When I look back, Tweety improved a lot too, from robot-kicking-water till fishy-legs and heavy rock till floating boat. Maybe I'm not learning how to float first, everytime when I starts to swim, I felt like I'm a bit like dropping down into the pool.

After 2 hours of water splashing and drinking water, we're out of it and having a bath. We straightly went to the restaurant for dinner. After that, we went back to our house separately and probably, sleep. Jes keep saying that she's happy that she taught a person at least how to swim, which was me.

"Which means I'm having another sensei then !" I said.

X-tra : The post before states there's a Sensei there, which refers to Yvonne, she taught me Mathematics I before, so I call her Sensei.

Deleted scene :

#Rannie-chan, watch where your hand goes !#

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