Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day With Fly FM

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What day is it ? I forgot, its kinda like long time ago now. But the memories of it still very clear in my head, at least I remember who are with me that day.

SL, Tweety, Rannie and "My"Chelle, 5 of us are actually walking back from UTAR. What day is it ? I really cant remember it, but somehow what I remember was we had our lunch with Jereen (Our Ex-TE 4 friend) and her gangs at PC block coz we're bored with the menu at PA Block. Well yeah, lunch time and dinner time was the time I've been waiting for the whole day coz thats the time where I can have chit-chat with those crazy friends.

Forgot whats the time again (Probably around 3-4pm), we decided that we'll be going to print and photocopy the lecture notes for Biology I (Now I remember ! Its a Wednesday, it happens after our Economics presentations !) since all of us didnt have it. Its gonna rain soon, so we're thinking of rushing to the photocopy shop that we trust the most but we're stopped by the crowded people outside the Fireman at Jaya One. Actually its not those people who stopped us, its just the view of the crowded people and of course, the uncle security guard that doesnt likes me to call him UNCLE.

"Hey, you see your princess are watching, why not bring your princess go and have a look !?"

"They are the princess, then will I be the prince ?" whispered myself...

And so, we became one of the crowded people now, too bad we cant pull Jereen in the fun, she's rejecting to join ! So its Fly FM then, having those road show or whatever it is, for the purpose to bring their listeners closer to Fly FM or something, playing games and sort. Those two DJ were kinda funny and all of us went crazy with both of them. "Kon !" shouted the male DJ when he saw the file that I was holding with the drawing of the madness Kon.

#SL making the "Ultimate Water Pose" !#

#Me, SL, Rannie and Fly FM DJ#

After all the madness and getting our prizes, we stayed with the DJ and had some little chat. And that male DJ asked me something, "why not you go and shadow your Kon ?"

"I'm good in copying it, not shadowing..." (=.=)

"I'll do it for you, got a pen ?" (O^O)

"Sure." (^_^)

"Seriously ?" (@.@)"

"Yeah..." (^3^)

And thats how the Kon that I drawn with the shadowing on it, not really nice at first, since he was rushing with time, so when I got back, I darken the part that he shadowed, the result was awesome ! I requested him to have a sign at the bottom of the drawing, and write "Fly FM" with it, and so he did.

#No skill people taking picture for us...what to do ? All the people in the picture so small...haiz...#

What a day with Fly FM, too bad Freezie-chan went back after the presentations, she was complaining that she cant get herself in the madness. At the end what happened to our lecture notes !? We arrive the shop at 5pm+ and soon after that, went for another round of eating - dinner time !

~~ X-Tra ~~

#Rannie being "ma lat" by Fly FM DJ...the consequences of taking picture without the people beside you. Hohoho~#

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