Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Songs That Affected Sensei-sama's Life

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The title saids it all ! It was a total of 3 songs that affected Sensei's life, and it was non-stop played by her housemate day and night, making her life miserable. The song listed below comes with order.

SONG NO#1 - Touch My Body from Mariah Carrey

She claimed that her housemate non-stop singing this song from morning till midnight with the highest volume ever ! Imagine in the situation like that with the lyrics "touch my body...touch my body..." it sounds so disgusting and I told Sensei that ...

"You go knock his door and said 'I'll touch your body,' then hit him with your fist."

Makes sense, she's touching her housemate's body with her fist right on the head.

"Oh hohoho~" laughed Sensei.

SONG NO#2 - "Give Me Give Me" from Britney Spears

This is actually more disgusting than "touch my body", the lyrics sounds "give me give me, give me give me..." So what's that suppose to mean ? What should I give you ? From day till midnight non-stop giving and giving, should Sensei give him a hug ? Or perhaps giving him a bag of money ? A kick on the speaker would be a better choice if you ask.

"Sensei-sama, go back and knock his door again and said 'I'll give you THIS !' and kick him with all of your might."

Makes sense again ! She's giving her fellow housemate something ! A pain killing kick !

"Oh hohoho~"

SONG NO#3 - "Outta My Head" from Jessica Simpson

When the song was played non-stop from day till midnight, you'll be sure to want this song to "get out of your head". And IMAGINE (sounds like Ms. T pulak), the song sings "outta my head outta my head," but it will never be "getting out of your head," how terrible was it ! It sounds like a suffering more that enjoying...somemore her housemate still wanna sing out loud.

"Knock his door again and tell him to 'get out of my head !' and punch him."

Makes sense once again ! When the song plays, you think of the stupid lyrics that keep circling in your head, you want it to get out of it, and you'll think of your housemate for playing that song over and over, which makes you angry and feels irritating...

Oh ! Thats all for this post. I hope there'll be no more irritating songs ever again for my Sensei. She said that it disturbed her studying ! Oh hohoho~~~

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Jong Ching Yee said...

Ahahaha~~~~i finally saw this. Yeah~~!!! You'd decribed eveything for me and it just seem so funny when all this was linked together. Nice one. I love this post(cuz is about me...wuahahhahaa~~~~!!!).

Cant stop laughing......ahahhaha

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