Monday, September 29, 2008

Terrible, Horrible, Unbelievable, Incredible and Vegetable !

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Yesterday I was called up by my aunt to go to help her clean my uncle's house. I heard that my uncle's house has been doing cleaning job and shifting furniture here and there due to the feng shui thingy stuffs, and most of the people needs to sleep in other rooms due to the same thing as well. In short, the whole family members are actually cleaning their room for other people while shifting furniture here and there...

After breakfast, we arrived there and started to clean my uncle's "store room" which full of the stuffs he bought from US.

"Compact Flash memory cards, keyboards, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW..."

Then my aunt handled me XBOX 360's remote control, two 20GB storage device and several game controller. Brand new and sealed. And later on, I saw my aunt carrying a XBOX 360 core system and put into the cabinet. Brand new and sealed ! Whats the purpose of buying it while you're not playing it, giving it or selling it ? Its been 4-5 years my uncle came back form the US, and if my calculation was correct, it was kept in that "store room" for the past 4-5 years and yesterday was the first day it "sees" the sunlight ! Terrible~

And so...continuing clearing those stuffs and put it into the cabinet. "Come help me carry this, its a computer !" I heard my aunt told me so for the nth time already. With each box of desktop computer I helped to carry, I'm wondering whats the use of buying all of these since you're not opening a Cyber Cafe. "Intel Pentium 4 with HT technology," muttered myself, can I consider it as "old" already ? Since we're having Dual-Core or Quad-Core now, or whatever it is for the computer nowadays. "Why not you give me one of your computer ?" thought myself. Kinda childish, but what I really want for now is something that truly belongs to me, not something that "I borrow you to use for now, until the day I really buys you the same thing." Horrible~

Later on, my aunt found a box full of shoes. Niki, Banana Republic, and some other branded shoe boxes were found. "You already wearing your 2-4 sport shoes now, what the use of the rest of the shoes here ? What'cha gonna do with it ? Open a shoe shop somewhere ?" thought myself, again. The box with the height till your hips was later fulled of his shoes. And My aunt actually took a pair of sport shoe out so that the box can be closed tightly. "Stylish, but it'll be useless once its broken if you keep it for another period of time."

What happens next was we're cleaning my uncle's father's reading room. "Shit !" thought myself ! There's really come crap there on the books that I found on the cupboard ! With the dust of 1 inch thick, I made a strange face to my aunt, even she's making the same facial expression to me. both of us carried the books and placed it into a bigger box for storage. And I found some of my uncle's stuffs there too, a few digital cameras, cam recorders and ... another XBOX 360 core system. Zzzz...

"Whats the use of these books when you're not reading it !?" said my aunt. its been full of spider webs and dust and also...kinda rude but...lizard and perhaps...mouse shits. I sneezed a lot when doing the second part of the cleaning. When I'm carrying those books out of the room, I saw my grandfather (I guess I should call him so, my uncle's father...) reading newspaper at the sofa. "We're throwing your books now, didnt you wanna help us and clean ? Its your stuffs anyway..." thought myself. Unbelievable~

After the books, my uncle found something behind the computer desk, and when he pull it out, its a box of aluminium tinned beer. The first box I saw was kinda new, but when he keep on pulling out the last two boxes, I'm going to vomit sooner or later. "The beer in the tin evaporated," said my uncle. And its true, some of them burst due to high pressure or what-so-ever, but some of the tin were empty, as if there's no beer in it at first. The area behind the desk was full of the smell of the beer, and its disgusting to look at. Grandfather has been reading and doing his stuffs here all these times, and he didnt even realized that the smell of the beer and all the dust on the books. Incredible~

"I'll clean these myself," the happiest thing I heard for the whole day. My uncle told us that and my aunt said OK. So we're having lunch at the dining room. Oh...what a vegetarian meal. Dont care about that, and we're off back home. What I found that night's dinner was, all vegetables ! OH vegetable~

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