Monday, September 22, 2008

Mathematics I Exam Eve [Offline Blog for 19/9/2008]

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3 more hours till 12am, and its 12 more hours until the exam comes, but then I've still having the mood of blogging. Although I didnt have my own broadband yet, and I'm glad that I'm not having it with me now, coz I'll be started to go online chatting or downloading GBA+NDS games now ! YCW was not at house today, I think he went out with his friends or ... new housemates ... ? Heard some voice chatting with him along the way down the stairs this morning, so my guess could be correct.

So...what happened actually was not on me, was on Ang, my housemate that havent been mentioned before. He was walking back from his lunch and according to him, someone with a motorcycle stopped there and handled him a letter, a WARNING letter from Indah Water, "the company that helps to clean the crap water for us" discribed Ms. Malaysia in her lecture. And that guy wants the owner of the house's name and phone number, for sure he dunno about it, so he had no choice but to write his own name and contact number.

His room mate Joe knocked my door and my door was half close, so he just pushed open it before I reach it. I taught he was gonna ask me math but then I realize that he was showing me the warning letter. Once I had a look on the amount needed to pay, I almost fainted, it was RM 1000+ ! And we decided that we must take this letter to Mrs. Lee, our house owner.

What we get from her was she's actually not the real owner of the house, she just rented the house and then rent out all the rooms for us. And she said that the bill was supposed to be cleared by the real owner. The bill suppose to be RM 96 per year, and so its RM 1000+ printed on the bill, which makes the time period havent paid the bill was ... 10 years+ !!! All 3 of us just had a shock of our life !!! The owner told us that the real owner was dead long time ago and she just get to know it few years ago, and the house was passed down to her daughter. For the 10 years time, could it be that the real owner died for that long period and thats why the bill was not cleared ? Hey, since you're the owner of the house now, why not you clear the bill for your mother ? If not, you just gotta sell it to other people since you're not caring about the house !

"... Sei yeh ... so irresponsible !" #Abstracted from Freezie's message after I told her whats happening to Ang and our house#

Well yeah ! Freezie was right about that ! I like the way she write "sei yeh" and I was imaginating the situation where she acts funnily and said the word out loud. This incidence had finally awakes the guts deep inside me to look for another room to rent. Few reasons to move out from this house :

1. Dirty ! What to do with it ? I cant go and paint the whole house again. I cant go and clean up the whole house and every corner since I got no help. Haiz !

2. No kitchen ! Without kitchen, I cant cook instant noodles, I cant cook oats for breakfast, I cant even reheat the food that I bought !

3. LIZARDS ! You might think that this is hillarious and funny, but its really irritating and makes me unable to sleep at night. They likes to search for food in my dustbin and they always makes the plastic bag move and thus produced sound, irritating sound ! Somemore they always makes noice under the cupboard and I cant find them when they're making it. "Tsk tsk tsk ..." Oh stop it ! Grr~~

4. Washing machine + Fridge ! The nessecity for a house was not found here.

5. Television ! Lucky YCW's room got it, so I can request to watch some movies or something. Since he was moving out, no more TV now. (TT^TT)


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