Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flash Back

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Seeing TE 4rians' relationship between each of us getting further and further apart, makes me a little sad. I was wondering about what happens to them, I felt like wanna worries about them But when thinking back, I myself also having problems, how am I suppose to worry about them without solving my own problems !?

"You all is not actually you all," I told Freezie and before that, told "My" Chelle too.

"...When it comes to grouping and assignment and test, they will be like that. Too stress, perhaps..." said "My" Chelle.

"...I noticed it too, but our relationships are close and when it comes to grouping, we should be able to suits ourselves right ? But why is it the other way round ..." Freezie replied.

When I was having my shower today, I thought back the first day I meet TE 4.

Its a Monday, where I thought I'll be having Chemistry practical. Outside the lab, its the first time I saw Freezie and Sensei. We chatted a while and found out our class is actually consists of 16+- students.

Later on, I went for math lecture, saw SL and Slash playing PSP. At first I thought of being a really hardworking student this time and not mixing around with other people, but SL and Slash breaks the barrier and welcomed me to sit together with them. Introduced themselves as Henry and Slash and I said I'm Wong.

Then, Bond came and he looks matured to me, which makes me felt more childish. The rest of the classmates were girls where I cant remembers their faces and names well, since they all looks so alike to me for that particular moment. I felt that I shouldnt mix around, for the sake of my results and degree course...I dont want the same thing happens to me again.

During math lecture, Ms Pua asked for volunteer to photostat the notes for the class and SL rose up his hand. MS Pua shouts put loud that "OK then, you'll be the Class Rep of TE 4 from now on." And from that day onwards, he's the Class Rep.

We also had an English language lecture with Ms Lilian (kinda miss her actually), and we're told to form a group with 4-5 people. I grouped with Rannie, which makes me thought he had a very good result in his SPM, and a very quiet person. At the same time, Freezie and perhaps Hermin or "My" Chelle were my group members too. Freezie introduced herself that she got almost full A1 in SPM but cant get any offer from everywhere, thats why she entered UTAR. That shocks me and she reminds me of Au YH. Rannie got our phone numbers and I before he do so, I got almost everyone's MSN already.

There's a day where we're having Chemistry tutorial with Ms T, where her words brings me into her world full of atom and bonding. Thats the time where I meet Tweety for the first time. Her cute voice shocks me at the first time, but when thinking back about her voice now, its actually quite unique. I always scare that she'll be kidnapped when we're walking back together but I found that she can be a very strong girl, and my worries faded.

I remember I always confused between all the girls, trying to remember them by their real names was kinda hard at first. Then Slash started to gave nicknames for all of us. Freezie got her nickname coz of a day, where Slash and I saw her sitting alone, like frozen in space and time; while Tweety coz of her cute little voice; Slash named himself so coz its his wish; started with Tally for Sensei, but never really used; Weirdo for Jes, and never been used too; then Spiky for me, coz of my spiky hair.

First time seeing "My" Chelle reminds me of the Michelles in my secondary school.
"All the Michelle I met are talented and smart person, so are you," I told her. Beginning time I know she also sets a barrier between her and us, but it also broke by the rest of us. I remember there's a time where she was rushing for something and shouted "Dental appointment !" out loud to the rest of us in a rush and went out of the class before English lecture with Cecily starts.

Then Ragu comes with Scott, both of them becomes Wolverine and Scott from X-men. Kalai also came and Amsha got a friend to chat with from that day on. We keep on calling Amsha "Itchy girl" or "Hippo girl" and some sort of names, and Kalai strangely becomes the Catwomen of that time.

Rannie suddenly becomes the real self and started to chat non-stop in the class. From that day on, we chat together; lunch and dinner together, laugh together and ... play together.

But now, I only can get back those happy feelings when I tried to flash back. I want to leave the sadness and loneliness that I had in my secondary school away from me. I appreciate every moment that I had with them, coz I dont know what will be happening to them next day. When you needs me, I'll be there; when I needs you, I hope that you'll be here too. I thinking too much or ... it is a reality ?

I'm afraid of the coming day named "tomorrow". I'm afraid of what will I be seeing from my fellow TE 4rians. I felt like hugging all of them, afraid that they will be disappeared tomorrow. What I can do now is ... hope that tomorrow will be a better day, where I'll be meeting the same old TE 4rians, laughing along the way to the class again.

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