Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Pictures ! [Offline Blog for 16/11]

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Well...the title says it all !

I was playing the new DotA map using the new Hero Windrunner solo-ing Pit Lord in easy mode. Though it says "easy", but that Pit Lord actually levels more faster than me and even bought his godly weapons ! He kept on attacking my base as it was a piece of s**t to him. Well...with my 2nd skill, most of the creeps were piece of cake to me.

It keeps on going for 40+ minutes or so, died twice in attempt to protect the base, finally I strikes back with my godly weapons (not the best weapons, but it was the best I could get when I was killed by him and lack of money that time) ! Slowly and slowly, leading my armies marching through all the creeps. When I saw Pit Lord, first I binds him with my 1st skill, trying to hit him as much as I could before I use the 1st skill again, then Ultimate him ! But everytime his HP reached red in colour, he rans away.

Anyway, finally I'm attacking his base and I saw him nearby ! 1st skill and he's binded with his army at the back, I shoot him till he's almost reach half of his HP. He seems like didnt notice about that, well...ULTIMATE HIM ! He shocks like hell and ran for his life. But later on, all went "poof" and I won ! Hohoho~~~

I got a habit where I'll be checking the weapons that my enemy bought, to see why he can kill me. And so, I found him doing something strange, which is this !

#Looks like he's pee-ing to me. Now look at another picture.#

#Looks like Pit Lord saying something ! Perhaps he's saying "you scare me till I pee in my pants !" Haha~#

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