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In the Memories of No.336 [Offline Blog for 2/11]

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Moved to the new house now, and this house is much MUCH more cleaner than the previous house that I stayed before. Though I'm moved into a new house, the memories in the previous house still deep inside of me, reminding me about the fun stuffs that we used to be doing. In the memories of that house, this blog is for you and my housemates there.

Still remember, the night when I first moved in there, I was busying to arrange my stuffs and at the same time (and the second time as well), seen YCW in his room. He bought lots of friends (which later on I counted, its only 3) and had lots of laughter and screaming.

"Ding dong, wanna play card games ?"
I heard YCW asking the girl next to my door, later on I heard my door been knocked.
"Ding dong, wanna play card games ?"
"Wait a sec, I'll join later on..."

And so I did.

I'm freezing cold deep inside my heart that time, coz still in the mood of missing my parents. Later when I entered YCW's room, my mood changed and I became more cheerful. Thanks to them, at least I had some fun that night.

And I remember...there's a girl staying down stairs, always wearing her pyjamas-like clothes with her specs. Looks like she's working but later on found that she's on her degree now. Introduced herself as Angie and since then, always came up stairs for YCW's television. At the same time, Ang and Joe rented the room beside me and we all became housemates.

A day before the mid term test, YCW and Angie asked me out to SS2 pasar malam, claiming there's a stall with nice dessert. I wanted to go but I cant coz I need to study, so I refused. And since then every Monday it rains, and I cant go to the pasar malam coz its raining. But there's a day where there's no rain, and 3 of us went out together with Ang and Joe to pasar malam.

We had a feast in YCW's tiny room and we're having fun eating dinner together with television switched on. Something happened in the bathroom, a giant cockroach hanging around the big pile of water that we used for bath ! And it fell into it, YCW, Ang and me screamed like heck and lucky YCW's friend grabbed the bug and threw it miles away. What to do ? YCW washed the whole bathroom later on with a mixture of detergent and soaps.

There's a day, where Angie brought back some starfruit for each of us. Smells delicious and taste juicy too ! And there's also a day where she brings her lap top upstairs to YCW's room, and we're watching movies in the dark. I remember, there's a day she was rushing to finish her assignments about TESCO and wanted us to help her to look for some pictures and add some finishing touch on to the stuffs that she made in her pendrive.

"I'm doing that for the whole day already, what to do with the picture I found ?"
Its funny that the resolution of the picture she found were extremely small and you can see squares at the edge of the circle when you magnify it. YCW helped her to edit it and it looks nicer and better than before.

There's a day where I heard Angie was moving back to her hometown coz she's home sick. She cried in front of YCW and told me about her problems after that. She helped her friends to finish the group assignments and said goodbye with us at the end of that week.

Angie didnt speak english very well, but she tried to speak with us in english. She's been a very nice person and mixed with me and YCW well during her stay. She stopped her degree just like that and went back to her hometown. I wish she'll be having a happier life there.

Then later on YCW said he wanna move to another house. And later on all the people staying at the house wanna move to other place. Its just like the butterfly effect. I want all these sweet memories keep in somewhere so that I can remember them when I forget it.

Memorial quotes from Angie :

"I've been doing that for the whole day already, and yo finished doing the same thing in an hour ark !?" ---Angie talking to YCW.

"Yong...I mean Wong, I always confuse about your name with Wong, eh...Yong..." ---Angie talking to me.

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