Saturday, November 8, 2008

Untitled [Offline Blog for 29/10]

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Its been a while since I'm writting blog. Didnt really got the mood to write it, probably coz of the current situation where I cant go online at home, I mean the Section 17 home, or should I called it ... a house ? The "Untitled" will be used if I cant think of any title for the post.

Anyway, life as a teenage student in university is still OK for me. Assignments are up and mid term tests will be started next week onwards. Whats more is, I havent prepare my 5 minutes speech yet, and my presentation for that speech will be on week 5, 2 more weeks from now on.

Lets talk about what I've done yesterday, after the lunch at PC Block with SL and Jes, we went home by walking, though Jes keep saying wanna have a cab. What happen that night was, I keep on going to the toilet for "big business" every few hours, even in the middle of the night ! "Oh shit !" thought myself.

My stomach still aching the next day morning (which was today morning then) and read Freezie's SMS. Its 7.15am, and she ask me to go to school together at 7.05am. Replied her that I'm having stomach ache and said I'll be skipping math lecture. While they all were having their 2 hour lecture, I went to the toilet for 2 times in that particular period.

Went to the store near RM3.60 (its a restaurant where we call it that way, suppose to be known as "Kam Seng") for some medicine for stomach ache. Strangely, after bought the medicine, the ache was cured without eating the medicine !

Went to school for biology lecture, and found fellow TE 4s asking for my problem. Well, its much more better already, just that I worried what to do when I need to rush to the toilet later on, coz I'm sitting deep inside the room, far away from the door of the classroom. After the lecture, found that I felt better that few hours before.

Went back home after lunch at Hou Yee Kei, and thought of the "date" I had with Mel Lee, Shi Hooi and YCW. Half an hour later I'll be meeting them at Mel Lee and Shi Hooi's house. They're going to cook dinner for some sorta event or celebration. Anyway, I'm hoping for that feast, and a laughter to cure my worries deep inside me.

"Whats wrong with Wong today ? Why so quiet ?" asked Shi Hooi that day when we're going to SS2 pasar malam (known as night market in direct translation). I said, financial problems. Not gonna say much about that, since it'll be boring and I dont want myself to remembers it well coz I dont wan to be very depressed and worried. What to do for now is, try to use as little money as possible for the day. Haiz...

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