Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Fun Day At IKANO

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Well...its last week's event. Its a Friday, where Jes, Freezie, Rannie, Sensei and me going together in Ben's (Jes's friend) car. I scared that the car doesnt fits us all, but at the end the Proton Waja did it and we're on the journey to IKANO's Popular.

After we arrived, we're not going to Popular first, but the pet shop ! Lots of cute looking animals there. What a cute Hush Puppy there, but cant take photo and Freezie was warned not to do so. And so we moved on...reptiles ! I ran for my life when I reached that section. Lucky there's no tarantula somewhere else in the display boxes.

And so, we're in the Popular book store, we separated and look for our own stuffs. I always likes to go into a books store just to look at the books. Its fun that you can actually read some of the books there and if your reading speed are fast enough, you can even finish a book there in a few hours !

And after that (though my satisfaction havent maximized yet), Freezie, Rannie and me go and look for Sensei and Jes coz they both went to Padini already. And later on, I spotted something that caught my eyes.

"Buy 1 free 1," somemore its 1 shirt for RM49.90, with "buy 1 free 1" it makes the shirt around RM25 ! Problem : the shirt was found in the female section. Asked the promoter and she said its unisex clothes. And so Freezie, Rannie and me went kisiao and searched for the suitable size for testing.

#Trying the white first...#

#...actually...we're having pictures in the changing room with door closed. Noticed that 3 of us are wearing the same clothes ?#

#Rannie changed to black pulak...same design anyway.#

#Well...Freezie didnt changed to black, she just changed back to her own clothes.#

Kinda hungry after looking at the clothes for about an hour. And so we went to the cafeteria for a snack. The curry puff was so delicious and the drink can be refilled ! After all the fun in snacking, went back to SS2 for the real dinner, then going back home with Ben's car again. Izzit fun ? is !

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