Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rushing [Offline Blog for 13/11]

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Today is Thursday. Kinda like some sorta boring introduction line, but what I wanna said here is, to day we got 2.5 hours break in between lectures and practicals. And so the day before, me and Tweety promised to go Digital Mall for some prupose (that you all no need to know about). After the (boring ?) morning lecture, its 11am and we're getting ourselves ready for the bus. But then later on seems like lots of TE 4rians wanna join the trip too, and so here's how it goes.

Me and Tweety found a place where Freezie-chan and Hermin sat, placed our bags there and I need to settle something with the Department and Tweety accompanied me along the way. After all the troubles with different Faculties in PA Block, I found out I need to go to PE Block.

And when I'm ready to go, Tweety dissapeared ! But later on around 12pm, she appears back and the gang of people that going Digital Mall were...Bond as driver (which actually out of my expectations !), Rannie, Sensei, Scott, Tweety, "My" Chelle, Jolin and me, in a total of 8 people.

And so, we fit inside the Wira and found out that we're very lucky coz all of us are skinny and thin ! Its the first time ever that I sat at the back seat with 5 other people, so its a bit interesting to see how 6 people fits at the back seat.

"Take pictures !"
I shouted at the back.

Tweety and "My" Chelle took out their handphones and started to take pictures about the situation at that time. Rannie becomes our photographer since he sat at the front seat. We all went kisiao and took lots of pictures.

"Put me down at PE ?"

Found myself at PE later on, and went to the Faculty for approvement of the paper. Saw Evil Laugh there and later on Ms Leong. Surprisingly, the Faculty's efficiency really high and I got back my paper approved within 10 minutes.Walked myself to Digital Mall and found them in BSN, then we go to McD.

"Who wants to go Digital Mall please go now, only 30 minutes left till our practical." said "My" Chelle.

And we're in McD, rushing to buy some food and the popular food of the day for TE 4 is - french fries. I bought a burger set which includes the fries and after finished, Jolin said "go buy a large fries if you want to eat more" to Bond. Then, a large fries came ! Rannie was so into eating fries and he bought a large fries too.

Getting in Bond's car 20 minutes later and heading back for the Biology practical with Mr P. Kinda fun having the practical with him, since he's a funny guy.

"Whats the differences between primary and secondary (follicide) ?" asked SL to Mr P.
"One is in blue one is in green."

What he means was, primary school students wears blue while secondary school students wears green for the pants. @_@

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