Monday, November 24, 2008


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Its the law of nature that, if you kills, you got food...

And there's also another law, you kill, you learn whats inside your kill...

We Biology Stream will be doing it, this week.

I've always been lack of the guts to dissect the animals in secondary school. No matter a hamster-sized mouse or a mouse with size of a 1-2 weeks old kitten, I still couldnt cut them. When looking them struggling inside the glass chamber (which actually is the aquarium tank) with chloroform, I can feel my tears holding inside my eyes.

Its lucky coz its a group work, so I just standing at the side, watching them doing whatever the works need to be done. I can sense the knife cutting the skin of the mouse when they doing so. I smell blood, but I still sense the life of the mouse, its still alive.

My groupmates peeled the skin of the mouse and flesh, the organs of the mouse can be seen very clearly. The heart still pumping, the blood is still flowing through the small body. They all started to do some observation around the small body, identifying, touching, feeling, sensing and playing the organs when done.

Some of them cut off the intestine and play around; some continue to cut the skin to see more of the mouse; some other just standing there observing the organs. Then, the teacher located the artery near the heart, said if we cut it off, lots of blood will be flowed out, and they told me to do so.

Wah !”

And there it is, I ended the mouse’s life. The blood didnt split out when I cut it, but it all flows out of the small artery that teacher shows.

I just got my dissection kit few days ago, and I look through it already. Sharp and small tools sealed in plastic, placed inside the box nice and neat. So, this will be my killing tools for the coming up experiment. We kill to learn, even the doctors and scientist are the same. Perhaps they’re even worse, but they’re not that terrible till using human for testing their experiments...perhaps...who knows ?

Some day in the future, I might be the one doing such a thing, but I must remember that, for every kill, its for learning. The kill must be worth, or it’ll be wasted just like that, another life of a being...

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