Monday, May 25, 2009

Its Raining !

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Finally, after all these hot days in Kampar and in Puchong as well, the rain falls !

I'm still in the middle of my bath when I heard some strange noice outside. After I finished, I realized its raining. Thank goodness, the rain will wash away the hotness ... at least for a while, its better than nothing !

Been watching Knight Rider since the first day I came to Kampar. Well, I downloaded it and thinking of burning the whole season 1 into CDs. The characters in the series are all very funny, especially Zoe, who're always been plaing with Billy and teaching "bad stuffs" to KITT, something like "how's your daddy" (for those who watched it should be able to understand what it means) ...

Then there're the main cast Mike and Sarah, who're in love with wach other, but doesnt wanna admit. Then there's KITT, the Mustang with a high A.I. on it. HE's (yes, though its a car, in the series, people refer KITT as HE) been learning all those bad stuffs from Zoe and asking funny question to the cast.

I guess I'm gonna stop, or I'll just keep on writting and writting about it. Kaka...Rated 8 out of 10 for those who're not a car fans.

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