Monday, May 25, 2009

New Movies

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Pretty excited about the movies coming to us this year after I checked the list from GSC official site. So let me list down a few which I found interesting:

1. Blood the Last vampire

Take place in the morden time, about a Japanese girl who possessed the power to kill the vampires. Its actually an anime movie at first. After watching the trailer, it makes me feel so excited to watch the movie. Nice graphics, just like it...


First 5-minute preview

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I've been waiting this for months after I got the news that it was delayed for screening ! Watched the new trailer and I think I should changed my opinions about the best Harry Potter movie already. Its not Chamber of Secrets anoymore, its Half-Blood Prince ! Trailer showed most of the important incident noted in the book, just hope that it wouldnt change much of the plot and cut off the important chapters. My favorite line from the trailer, "fight back you coward, fight back !" Well, Snape will say "I'm not a coward" loudly...

Latest trailer with many unexpected scene

3. Final Destination 4

Unbelievable huh, Death is back haunting those who cheated death ! A boy precognition saved himself and a few others from a terrible car crash. How would Death seek for their lifes this time ?

Behind the scenes


Jong Ching Yee said...

I have my eyes on Harry and Final Destination.

Syaoran2138 said...

Same goes for me, but I didnt watched Blood the Last Vampire before so it'll be on my list. ^-^

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