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Finale [Offline Blog for 14/5]

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Just finished Heroes Volume 4, please dont read this post if you're a Heroes fan but havent watched Volume 4 just yet, as it may contain spoiler that spoils you. Here's a small recap of what happened in the finale of Heroes Volume 4:

  • Matt thinking of re-uniting with his wife as he had a baby, of course with ability !

  • The stupid Danko being locked down in Building 26's cell with Noah !

  • Shape-shifting Sylar became Nathan, trying to be the most powerful man on Earth - the President of United States.

  • Peter and Nathan came to stop Sylar, but Sylar silted Nathan's throat.

  • Hiro and Ando saved all the prisoners in Building 26.

  • Sylar met the President, but almighty Peter took all of Sylar's abilities and stabbed him with a dose of medicine to paralyze him.

  • Matt being forced by Angela to brain-wash the paralyzed Sylar to think himself as "Nathan".

  • They barbequed the fake Sylar's body in Coyote Sands.

I think I've already made a small summary about the finale here ! Thanks to SL for 2 episodes of Volume 4 and Scotty to fill it up till finale. ^o^

I think the plot of Heroes are getting back on track just like Volume 1, slow and steady with lots of question marks that will be solved sooner or later in the series. Judging by the small review of Volume 5 in the finale just like the last few Volumes, I can guess that Volume 5 would be very interesting too. Some personal thoughts about Volume 5 would be:

  • Since Niki I mean Tracy are back in water, she could also be steam other than ice, making her solid, liquid and gas !

  • Sylar I mean "Nathan", will be having conflict about who is he and he may start to kill again.

  • Something wrong with Matt about his relationship thingy and he may be having an argument with his wife, again !?

  • Claire will be having her normal life, again, having lunch/dinner together as a family, while hiding something behind the happy face. Same goes to Noah.

  • The Company is back to put everything in control. Will the Haitian be back too !?

  • Cant sure what will Mohinder be doing after that, perhaps a taxi driver ?

Lets hope that Volume 5 will be better than the stuffs that I've wrote here ! Haha...
Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 will return in September 2009.

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