Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Going to ... [Offline Blog for 19/5]

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  • able to online and post every post that I've wrote during my long break !

  • a real university student ! Yahoo~

  • ...have a "suppose-to-be" double room turned into a single room, with double the mattress, double the cupboard, double the desk and double the size of the room !

  • ...cycle to school, though I'm still not really good at it, but I'm practicing it now !

  • ...cook yummy dishes, though the proudest dish I can make is only variety of omelette.

  • ASTRO ! Unbelievable, I started to imagine myself watching my favourite TVB dramas, CSI, MTVs and perhaps...anime !

  • ...wash my clothes using washing machine ! Woo hoo~

  • ...have new friends who're studying the same course as me, not forgetting my old friends and FRIENDS though.

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