Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Update

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Kinda boring these days after finished watching Knight Rider, so I started to play back my old NDS games ! Complaining about pictures !? I know there's too little pictures lately (since I dont have a camera), so why not take some snapshots of the game I'm playing !?

Well, thats it, Resident Evil DS ! This is a mini game of the DS version, Master of Knifing ! Its all about killing zombies, with 5 levels where each level is harder and harder. Jill's would be easier compared to Chris' mode. I'm playing Chris' mode below.

#The main menu of Master of Knifing, featuring Jill and Chris.#

#One of the "bloody scene" found while killing zombies using stylus I mean, mouse pointer.# dare you attack me with your "deadly bite" !#

#Strangely, there's a naked zombie here in level 1...#

#Couldnt show you more or I'll need to fill the whole page with zombies ! Still couldnt make it to the ranking using Chris. Better luck next time !#

Now, after all these zombie killing and blood splitting, its time for Pokemon ! Gotta catch them all !? Hell no ! I'll get mad catching all 400+ Pokemon ! Whats so nice about Pokemon ? I caught a Shiny ! Wow~

#Yea, menu of Pokemon Platinum Version. i wonder whats the title for the coming up Pokemon game...would it be "Pokemon Titanium", "Pokemon Adamadium" or "Pokemon Orihalcon" ?#

#This is it, the Shiny I caught ! Its a Golbat with green coloured body, compared to normal blue coloured ones.#

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